Update 2.13

Does anybody know when the Gamepress teaser for Update 2.13 will come?

No, and we won’t for a few more weeks. We literally just got 2.12 like a week ago.


Actually it’s been about a month since 2.12 released @Average_Spinosaurid .

Has it really been so much time? Man we just got to unlock the bear. It’ll probably come either this Friday or next if they do a 4-week update.


Thank you!

I’m guessing it’s next week because the update has been out for about 3 weeks if i remember correctly.

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Im not sure but I think the release notes may come out on December 31 and the update on January 4 sticking with the theme of release notes every Friday and the update every Tuesday.

its been a bit since 2.12 was released.

Yes, I noticed it.

Guess January 7th or December 31 but that’s unlikely due to new years eve

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