Update 2.3 Game slowed

Hi, after the update the game is behaving strangely. First of all it consumes much more battery than the previous version. In addition, the graphics slow down, jerky. The third problem is the fighting. I am associated with players with points of 400 if not more than mine and bombed boost creatures.


It’s probably to do with the phone if it’s a older model

I completely agree with consuming more battery and having the graphics slowed down. My phone isn’t an ‘old model’ (Samsung GS9) and had it’s battery replaced with one with a larger mAh capacity yet one minute it’s 40 then another it’s 15. My map keeps getting stuck, in fact, that’s the first thing that happened when I got on the game during the 2.3 updates, I blame the snow effect. Personally, it would be nice to disable the snow.

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I have iPhone X

We had the snow effect last year did it effect you then if you played then.

My phone has been absolutely fine none of the issues that have been mentioned above.

Not sure if this will help

It also supports Samsung S5 and above. Even if you haven’t had these problems, others could’ve also had this problems last year if there are two who are having this problem a year after. That’s why I’m just recommending it to be nice for them to have a disable for snow (like for blood) for people who find it either too buggy or they just find it too in the way.

I’d write into support explaining the issue, the more people who complain the likely hood they will look into it.

I do agree they should have a option to disable it
So people can see if it’s that, which is causing the problem.

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