Update 2.4 fanmake

Hello, use this space for ideas to update 2.4, hopefully ludia hear our ideas.

I will start with creatures balancing
Health increased to 3500
Speed increased to 130
Attack reduced to 1250

Distracting impact changed to crunning impact
Nullifying strike changed to strike and run
Attack reduced to 1350
Speed reduced to 121
Resistance to distraction changed to 25%

Armor increased to 15%
Instant ivencibility taunt changed to group ivencibility

Wholly rhino
Attack reduced to 1200

Defense shattering rampage changed to fierce rampage

Resistance to dot reduced to 0

Ferocious impact changed to ferocious strike
Immobilize changed to resilient impact
Resilient strike changed to decelerating strike
No speed reduction resistance

Ability updates
Nullifying counter now names medium nullifying counterattack
Attack to attaker:0.5 attack, nullify positive effects

Change in stunning strike now do not trespass armor

Resilient abilities now do not remove evasive abilities, but now eliminates crit reduction and is precise (like superiority abilities)

Evasive stance now increase speed 10% by 3 turns

Raid bosses

New rare raids






New mechanics

Global chat

Chat with people of all the world, invite them and do raid bosses

Raid chat

Chat with your raid team to select creatures and moves!

Invitation to do incubators

If you have a friend in range of an incubator, he can send you an invitation so that you could do the incubator

Sell DNA
If you need coins, you can now sell DNA
Common 500 DNA 1000 coins
Rare 200 DNA 1500 coins
Epic 50 DNA 2000 coins

Multi fusion

Now, multifusion is available in level 12
Added fusion ×200 ×500 ×1000

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Even more speed ties :dizzy_face:

That takes away some of its counters

The former is better in some scenarios, so this wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing

Procerathomimus doesn’t need anything like that, especially with the buffs it already got


For monolo just change null strike with something else and reduce its attack.
And for procerat it doesn’t need much just a slight increase in hp
And if you want it keep damaging counter attack mobe then reduce it’s attack to 1200-1300

new creatures?
new raids?
new moves?

I take it these are mostly dinos you run on your team, mono needs distraction resistance reducing to 25% or less a little drop in speed to 122 wouldn’t go a miss either, tryko is absolutely fine no change imo,prorat in all honesty could do with a small nerf to health or no change , rixis could do with losing immunity to deceleration ,or lose resilient strike
Maxima I’m neutral on , but if you give armour then a small nerf to health to balance it ,

Lol every one of these creatures is on your team aren’t they?

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No. Only monolometrodon and sarcorixis, but procerathomimus needs a buff because is not good in pvp

Presice means Bypass dodge

It’s an epic. It’s well balanced now as an epic.

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Yes, but because it does not eliminates evasive abilities, cloaks do their ×2,×3 damage

In my opinion, Thor doesn’t need nerfed or buffed, I think it’s ok for now.

I think it could lose the dot resistance make bleeding him an option again, put a few dinos out of business that has ,…

Thor Is Only Good with Boosts, Without them, Thor Isn’t Good on its Own and therefore is Easily Countered By Erlikospyx, Utarinex, Tenontorex and Magnapyritor, Which is Why it’s in Mid Elite Tier, even Allosinosaurus is better.

You are taking away the whole point of resilent moves in this update.No need to change.cunning abilities already exist and it’s their role to decrease crit chance.

why mono? its fine? and you made it garbage. its moveset makes no sense. if you hate monos, just get a mono counter

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u r right but for how easy it is to get, its too powerfull. But ya, just change null strike to something like idk, cunning impact?

new creatures are…