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Update 2.7 Patch Notes Are Coming This Friday! Who Else Is Excited Or Has Predictions For This Patch?

With GamePress announcing the JWA 2.7 patch notes are releasing this Friday there is a lot to be excited for as this was a long wait. In this topic I would like to hear everyone’s excitement and theorizes as of what’s to come.

I’ll just list what has already been confirmed however:

1 New Rare Creature

3 New Epic Creatures

1 New Legendary Hybrid

1 New Unique Hybrid

1 New Apex Creature

As well as a new flocking PvP battle system.

I am surely excited for this and would highly suggest checking out the datamine article, I can’t post it here because that’s not allowed on the forums however.
Have a good day :slightly_smiling_face:


I am very excited! Apparently Compies are coming as flocks and thats why I’m so excited! I love Compies!


Also yeah friday raids and all but who cares we might get Compies!

I’m more intrigued than excited. haven’t been excited for an update in a long while.
Flocks, how they work, and the abilities associated with them is the main draw for me atm.


More apex more tragedies.


Finally a new update. I hope they wi add dinosaurs like mosasaurus and megeladon to…

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The possibility of having dodo’s and compies is exiting for me(especially seeing if compies come in groups or something), as well as possibly having a bird, dilo, or snek apex. If we have weekend raids because of these new apex’s that will be very interesting to see


Seems, that another trash update coming. Only this time with new unique and new Apex.

There is small hope that they are hiding some big changes.


I’m most suprised that theres 3 epics non of them mentioned as hybrids

So we have compy, dodo, and what andrewtherium? That thing is a hybrid(now when i think of it, it could be bumpy)

So there could be another non datamined epic

Now some might be like “ok why is there only 1 rare, maybe deinotherium next update but where are alberto and argy”, well i asked on the GP discrod they were most lilkey scraped, tho if lets say argy was secretly that epic it’d be awesome

The unique seems to be dodocevia, as it’s the only one that has a chance to be unique, while compsocaulus is the legendary


There was a mention of 4 creature changes. Skoonasaurus, Dracoceratosaurus, Sarcorixis, and Monolometrodon. Although this won’t bring much change with the update this will definitely make a lot of the community happy with these buffs and nerfs- or at leased let’s hope they are nerfing not buffing sarco and monolo.


this sounds interesting, it would be funny to see if I got the design for dodocevia right because of a drawing I did a while ago lol. And what coul compsocaulus be? Its probably obvious to others, but is it possibly like a compy+diplocaulus?


I secretly hope for ceratosaurus. As for E750 he will probably be added the same way as acrocanthosaurus

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Hybrid for me pls.


There are new creatures leaked by datamine by the way meghistocurus, tsintaomoth? Deinotherium, scutophicyon, bumpy and andrewtherium


I’m really excited for this new update :grin:


Don’t see much nerf on Sarco. Depends how damage nerf will affect it. Gets hp buff and still can chain stun creatures. Small reduction in speed resistance won’t change much.

Nerfs will make some players happy, but many others unhappy, especially for Monolometro change.

Question is, if there is boost reset/shuffle or not? Any changes to trophy system maybe?

New creatures are mostly interesting until players gets or create them. First unique after long time is nice, but thats about it. Any additional Apex will just make arena worse, less diverse.


Rn I’m chilling while waiting for Friday, I might as well keep watching docs till the day arrives

So if the datamine is right, then we’re probably getting:

Rare = Compy G2; Epics = Compy, Dodo, ?; Legendary = Compsogcaulus, Unique = ?, Apex = Refrenantem

I’m most curious about the unique. Does that mean Dodocevia will be an Edaphocevia unique after all? PLEASE tell me that’s going to be the case! Also interesting to see what the last epic will be (maybe a hybrid?)


In a recent datamine it was mentioned the high possibility that a boost reshuffle is happening May 11th. Although I’m skeptical as they are only changing 4 creatures.


Two of the four changes are pretty impactful though, so I think it’s fair to do a reset.

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