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Update 2.9

Release notes for 2.9 today?

What do you mean?

For the next update

Hoy notas de actualización no creo

Translated From Spanish:

Today update notes I don’t think

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It’s only been 4 weeks. Doubtful, but you never know. I’d wait a bit if I were you.

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Usually gamepress has something about that soon. Maybe they decided to back away this time and let these forums announce it by surprise

I doubt it will come before the Hydraboa raid launches.


I doubt that there would an new update so soon after

I doubt it

More likely next Friday patch notes

I was thinking it was more likely to be the
30th July for patch notes.
More on the basis that the new apex is on the 5th of August and hydraboa hasn’t been released yet.
Edit - what i am saying is the update is more likely to be the 3rd of August on the Tuesday.

It’s either next Friday or two Fridays from now.

I’m very excited.


If they stick to monthly updates the patch notes will be next week - but personally every two months would be great gives people chance to save more coins and stuff

a megalonyx raid boss is datamined for August 5 so patchnotes probably arrives the last week of july

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Yea. I think then we have more of a chance