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Update 2


Warriors Of Waterdeep Update 2

We’ve added a major update to the STORE, and a new Mailbox feature for this update.


We revised the structure and special offers available in the Store.


Card1 Card2

Durnan has taken over Mirt’s Trades, and will now buy your extra cards for coins…which he hopes you’ll spend on new cards.

Be sure to check the Store regularly for the latest offers.

(And don’t worry…Mirt is busy working on new projects.)



Durnan now sells chests instead of card packs in the Store:

  • The free Mystery Chest replaces the Mystery Pack
  • The Ornate Chest contains guaranteed EPIC cards
  • The Glorious Chest contains guaranteed EPIC cards and has the best chance to find LEGENDARY cards



Durnan offers a variety of equipment bundles for your heroes, ranging from Common Packs to Legendary Packs. Check the Store regularly for the latest offers.


We’ve added a Message icon to the HUD. You can can receive news and updates about the game, free gifts, and other messages.


1 2

Now you can see how the equipment ability will change, and at what level this will happen.


  • Combat - all melee attacks for heroes inflict 20% more damage.
  • Equipment packs - the pack preview popup displays the correct pack contents
  • Fixed some minor typographical errors
  • Performance improvements
Ability/Card upgrades

So I guess Devs are gonna stick with the destruction of this game and instaed passing of little insignificant changes to try and keep new players interested.

Fix the issues that your beta users have broight forth.


Hey Siljy, we are constantly monitoring all changes made in the game. Nothing is final as we are regularly making tweaks and changes before the worldwide launch. We have noted all feedback from our beta users. We use this feedback along with data about the performance of the game to shape future updates.


I’m wondering, been playing for over a month now and i don’t recall ever receiving any free gifts via the Message Tab. Was that a false statement when you made that update or was it outright dropped ?


@Carpenter We normally give out a free gift after an Update. Our last update was Update 4 Rock & Roll that was released on Dec 18th. It’s possible you just missed it :frowning:


I have received rewards in the inbox as of Feb