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Update 20

Update 20

Greetings Adventurers! This update focuses on the Battle Mode in Warriors of Waterdeep: a new Battle Display feature, and a new Battle Party event.

Topic 1 - Battle Display

The Battle Display appears during the matchmaking sequence and during a battle to give players more information about their opponents: the Trophy Count and Power Rating.

1-Battle Display

The Trophy Count indicates the total number of trophies earned in regular Battle mode. Trophies are used in the matchmaking sequence to find opponents of roughly equivalent skill.

The Power Rating indicates the overall power of the party and is the total value of all four heroes and all their equipped gear.

Power Rating is a much better representation of the party’s power than hero level alone; most of a hero’s power comes from the level of their gear, but this information is not readily visible. For example, it is difficult to tell the power difference at a glance between a group of high level heroes using low-level gear and low-level heroes using high-level gear.

Viewing the Battle Display: Matchmaking

The Trophy Count and Power Rating information for each player appears in the matchmaking sequence:

Viewing the Battle Display: In-Game

During a match, players can tap the Player Banner at the top and the bottom of the screen to view and compare the Trophy Count and Power Ratings for each side.

Topic 2 - Battle Party Events

Battle Party events let players bring their current party of heroes into Battle instead of relying on random selection from the Battle Roster.

Battle Party events can apply to the main Battle mode, or to a special PVP event like a Test of Might, Heroic Adventure, Recruitment Event, or Silverhand Trial.

When a Battle Party event is active, the Current Party icon appears on either the main Battle Mode screen, or in the appropriate PVP event.

Note: Battle Party events never apply to Warrior Draft events, because all the heroes are selected from a pre-determined list.


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Will the new Power Rating value be used for matchmaking, rather than Trophy Count?

Pvp seems not working image

Already reported in its own post.

Thanks, I haven’t seen it

Wish you guys would fix the bug that constantly pulls us to the events page. Super annoying.


Hello @MisterCinephile,
Trophy Count will still be used for matchmaking.

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@Daven foes the power rating count all equipment or just equipped?

Hello @lemonfarmer,
The Power rating only counts the hero’s equipped gear! :slight_smile:


Ah good. That’s more useful then.
I’m assuming it just goes off levels. Id rather have some legendaries at 16 than sonerates at 19

Follow up question:

Wouldn’t Power Level give more accurate pairings and eliminate the longstanding PvP mismatch problem?

I like the concept of a power level.

It seems as though Power level may provide a bit of arbitrary insight into the difficulty rating of an opponent. However, unless I am mistaken, it serves no function in matchmaking, gameplay or reward payout. I find this to be unfortunate.

I suggest creating a few one-off battle events that test power level as a matchmaking mechanic. Perhaps such events would allow Ludia to hone this formula well-enough to become a favorable tool for event and battle-mode matchmaking. I am confident it would be more effective than the current algorithm.

I also like the concept of battle party events. It will be interesting to see how some best-on-best battles unfold. I suspect this may offer a few surprises.

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I don’t know if it is related to this update, but reward collecting from the raid event is somewhat unstable. I just lost the 45% reward chest (the reward is checked and I didn’t got anything).

Is there a way to get it back?


I’m pretty sure the reason they are showing us the power level is to show that PvP based on trophies isn’t as mismatched at it sometimes appears. Trophy matchmaking (or any Elo type system) is inherently superior since past performance is an indication of skill as well as power.

What a poor job from the devs on fixing match up issues,two thumbs down.

Most of my match ups have had a 1500-2000 power level above mine consistently. Isn’t it obvious that trophy count level is a poor input for determining match ups!?

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I don’t think you comments are correct based on my experience.

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Looks fair to me, You’re facing people within 10-20% of your power level with similar trophies. If you weren’t able to win those fights you’d lose trophies and face weaker opponents. Remember, in a perfect matchup, you should lose half the time.

Well bud here’s another good example.maybe explain this one!?

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What’s to explain? They are bad at battle mode and you aren’t? I notice your trophies are going up in every screenshot, so clearly you are winning more than losing. So congratulations on your successes!

Hello @Sabonetinho
The team is aware of the issues surrounding the Event and is currently working on a fix.
Concerning your lost reward, I suggest contacting our Support team at and see what can be done in the meantime. Make sure to include your Support Key, as well. Thank you!