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Update 21 - Valley & Valor

Update 21 - Valley & Valor

The Valley & Valor update introduces a new exploration to challenge your heroes - the deceptively peaceful Shimmersky Valley!


After defeating Vorazidrar, the black dragon of Forestfall Fen, the Warriors of Waterdeep are called north to investigate a series of raids disrupting the normally peaceful trade route known as Shimmersky Valley.

The bitter cold of this beautiful valley is enough to ensure that travelers move freely, quickly, and peacefully about their business, lest the occasional bheur hag or ice mephit take notice.

Travelers with less peaceful dispositions - or greater desperation - travel the much more dangerous Dragonscar Gorge, once the site of a great battle between frost giants and white dragons.

All players will have a chance to explore Shimmersky Valley and Dragonscar Gorge through the Discover the Valley exploration event, described in the next section.

Discover the Valley

The Shimmersky Valley exploration will be released for all players over the course of a five-part Discover the Valley event.

The ten chapters of the Shimmersky Valley exploration will be released in 5 two-chapter blocks during this event.

Each node on the Prize list represents the reward for completing a dungeon on the chapter map.

Players will have a limited amount of time to complete the chapters and collect the rewards. The first playthrough is always free. If time remains, players can pay the Replay cost and replay the block.

When time on the current block runs out, there is a short break before the next block is activated.

When the next block in the sequence is active, players can play the new block, or complete any incomplete previous blocks in the sequence.

Note: The Replay cost is not affected by the Book of Bravery.

Balancing the Difficulty

The monsters in an Exploration event have their levels raised or lowered to match the power level of the party.

The table below shows examples of the same encounter with heroes at level 4, level 10, and level 18.

After the Event

Once all five blocks of the Discover the Valley event have ended, Shimmersky Valley will be unlocked as a regular exploration after Forestfall Fen. The difficulty will be set to its normal baseline - not matched to the party power - and players will collect dungeon chests and leader packs for completing each dungeon.

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I still want to know the reasoning behind the monsters in the previous dungeon being 15 levels higher and “as designed”. It’s obvious that you are wanting us to be able to do this new event but I want to be able to complete the last one as well.

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What is the point of a new instance? If you scale it the same way you scaled forestall fen the only people that will be able to do it will be smithy and cruxader

Anyone else getting 233 issues again?? When is this update supposed to be available?

When does the first two chapters release?

Can anyone advise when it will be released? It doesn’t say anything.

It will be released sometime after Nov 2021

:rofl: sounds about right

Yeah, it was especially great since the mods here were initially sure it was a glitch too.

My heroes are level 17 with gear equal to their level. The enemies in the first room are level 24. I died almost instantly. This is way overtunned and not in line with the example listed above. The “Return to …” events are the same way for me. How is this supposed to be fun?

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The sound in the new event is not respecting my sound settings. I always have sound off and everytime I enter this event the sound comes on. I go to my settings and turn sound on then off and this works, but the next time I enter the sound is back on. Please fix this. I will submit an in-game support request as well.

Hi LanMandragoran, One of the mods have reported this glitch to the team and they will look into it

Great - thank you Keith!

I’ll have to say I really like what I’ve seen from the Valley so far! It looks great and the opponents were fun to fight, those mephits are mean! Great work on these!

I started a rerun but the rewards seem to be exactly same – I believe the rewards aren’t improving on further reruns? I find the cost of 100 gems quite steep regarding the rewards, main reward being a single common pack. I never buy generic packs, too great risk of getting items you’ll never use.

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If it works like the Fens intro did, each chapter will have better rewards. So while the first chapter might not be worth it to you to repeat, the last few will be.


Imagine running across a spider 20 levels above the level cap when you weren’t even near the level cap like last time. Actually I expect we will see that sort of nonsense here before it is done.

Edit: And if it is like last time you’ll be locked out of all the future parts of this if you can’t beat the enemy so overpowered even the mods here initially thought it was a glitch until Ludia told them otherwise.

The spider is annoying, but easy to defeat. Many enemies have tricks to defeat, this one is no different.

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Sure he’s easy to beat if you have all the right gear levelled for him and the other folks you’ll fight in this level and all your kill shots work. If you have done everything right and get lucky or are willing to shell out a few hundred bucks to quickly level the right gear that enemy twice your level is just a piece of cake.