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Update 21 - Valley & Valor

My kill shots vs the spider always work, but that’s because I use fortune. But if you don’t have kill I’ve also beaten it with push, stun, dominate and disarm. Again, it’s not hard, it was just a surprise when we first saw it.

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What you say is true but it doesn’t match the rest of the dungeon nor the game. The bosses are all lower level. Even being a few levels higher then the party is challenge enough. It being able to kill tommus in one hit is not good game design. Needing to use a certain combo to kill it is also poor game design.

I regularly swap characters around when doing the adventures to have the “right” setup for the monsters in the current section. This was only different in that it was a new way to buff a monster. It’s more annoying in challenges, but honestly I don’t usually do the Fens challenge because it’s missing the good gem reward.


Spot on the Chuck. Roll a 16 on Lightfinger… happy days.

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Thanks, I remember it now. I never tried running first chapters again though; I did two reruns this time, and there really was no improvement. And The previous reward common pack gave me three common armors and and one common boots I have zero use for, no interest for further reruns :stuck_out_tongue: