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Update 25 bugs/questions

This thread will be for folks running into issues or questions with the new update…

Was the intent in the update to change the revenue towers to be 3 hr refresh like the beacon?

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Ran into no S-DNA quests for the standard daily challenges, is this working as intended or an issue that needs to be fixed?

I am hopeful it is just an issue that needs to be fixed.

Looks like it updated after logging out and back into the game…

Definitely a bug, after coming here to post and then heading back to the app…

Found that after going and completing a PVP aquatic match the dailies updated, but only after doing a pvp match. Logging out and back in had no effect on the dailies other than resetting them to not show up. I was able to complete on of the battles and able to claim the S-DNA.

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Our team did make some adjustments to the Revenue Tower @Sionsith. However, our team would be happy to hear any feedback or suggestions from our players for the recent update. Also, could you send over those screenshots regarding the S-DNA along with the information and your support key to so our team can investigate this further? Thanks!

Support ticket sent in. On the S-DNA issue.

I would think most players are going to be unhappy about the revenue tower update. Was there a reason for the change that could be given?

Thank you for updating the revenue tower cooldown to onl10 minutes it is most appreciated.

I have noticed some instability with the ~30 second video/mini games for additional spins after a pvp battle. The wood puzzle and the daily puzzle board (can’t remeber the exact name but it has the newspaper looking puzzle games) these tend to get 25-30 seconds through their demo of the app and then right when you think the mini game is going to load it crashes the whole app. Resulting in not being able to get your second spin and needing to log back into the game.

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Also something new with this update, when my iPhone gives me a warning of low battery with a pop up it crashes my current pvp match and the app back to the login screen. It used to do this months ago but had stopped doing it maybe 2-3 months ago. However the current update has brought back this issue, it is very frustrating since it not only removes your chance at the prize wheel but also causes your chosen Dino’s to start their cool down period and you don’t get credit towards the daily since it is not a complete match.

That sounds really strange that it would crash the game. However, is it possible that when your device is low on battery, it automatically switches to a “battery saving” mode that could disrupt the connection of your device? If you’re still having issues, our team would be happy to try and help you as well if you contacted them.

I have not contacted support wasn’t sure if this forum was something they would monitor (figured they would see it here). It crashes even when selecting the close button on the pop up (not selecting the power save mode). It does not crash when just in the game looking at your park, only when you are engaged in a pvp match.

I’m not sure what the issue could be, but that is indeed weird. If you reached out to our team here at with your support key and more details on the issue, they could gather more information and investigate further to see what the problem might be.

These are the advertisements that crash once the mini game is about to load for them…

These are new versions of the advertisements for these apps which didn’t crash the app previously.

Here is a new one, nothing even loads and after about 3 seconds I get this message

and then the app skips the second spin and goes back to the pvp battle selection to start a new battle. This has happened twice tonight.

The ferocity filter was working but something happened in the last 8-10 hours that has messed it up…


The puzzle page promo is still crashing

… gets to loading the mini game right here:

And then crashes the app all the way to my phones home screen.

Please remove from the rotation and fix the issue before placing it back into the rotation.

Same issue with the video that won’t load, only problem is now i can’t do the daily prize drop because this video seems to be the first in the rotation and will not switch out even after multiple attempts. @Ned I will submit a ticket but posting here so others can do the same if they have the same issue.

@Ned the S-DNA missions disappearing is still an issue, there is a new wrinkle to this with the world boss event S-DNA mission. The one that you need to complete 10 world boss missisons for a S-DNA reward resets your progress if you log out before completing all 10 events. I had completed 4 or 5 earlier today and then logged in later in the day to complete the rest only to find that once getting the missions to show back up after doing a battle that all of my progress was reset on this particular mission. The mission where you need to get to level 7 did not reset but the complete 10 missions reset to zero. I have already submitted a ticket to the support center but posting here for others.

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I got a connection error, which is ok, but the display is glitchy. Just upgrade to a Note9 running 8.1. Any ideas?