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Update 25 bugs/questions

That’s really strange @jhusn001, do you know if it looks like this every time you get an error? Our team would be happy to take a look at this and see what the issue could be if you emailed them your support key and that screenshot here at

That was my first attempt on my new phone. I will give further later this evening. Thanks for the quick reaponse!

I found a duplication bug. It seems to only happen with the dodo boss statue. I put it back into the “inventory”, but I get 2 (sometimes).

Hey sionsmith can u help me with my post I lost s-dna like u did and have some other issues too

You can post here in the forums and the community at large and I can attempt to help trouble shoot, you should also reach out to the support email with any issues you might be having as well.

Can someone help? When I go into App Store there’s no update? I’ve tried various different WiFi’s and it still has the same result :grimacing::grimacing:

Getting the update to come through sometimes can be a bear. I’ve found rebooting my device and then going to the app store is the most reliable way to get the update to show up. Doesn’t always work, but it’s the best strategy I’ve found. Good luck.

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