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Update: 25 Speed boosts available for purchase

This is to confirm that the 25 speed boost is available for purchase once your dino speed level reaches tier 3.

Update: remaining speed boosts should be less than 8 to activate.

Max noted: once level 5 reached, any purchase will not be enough for next level. Tier 4 to tier 5 needs careful math. You need to have exactly 7 speed boost left… + 25= 32 , perfect for tier 5 .

If anyone can confirm this on their end, please also post here.

Waiting for @Ludia_Developers @Jorge to confirm this.


Do you know if this is intended or another bug AP found?


This is correct. Metahub found it, replicated it, and reported it as a possible bug yesterday quietly.


So if someone gets a special offer pop up on the screen that allows them to make a purchase metahub said would be their one is to think its a bug?

I looked and it does happen.

It’s probably legit although I don’t think I’ll be spending that much.

Not sure if it is or not. It seemed suspicious until the reasoning for replication was reported as it was hard to figure out why some could do it and some couldn’t.

Well considering it wasn’t announced anywhere as this is something you can do, then yea it might be a bug. Not many games hold Easter eggs for players just to find…


Yeah but doesnt it pop up an offer after the upgrade?

Im tring to say calling out the op just cause he is from ap… for making what is similar to a one time offer seems a bit extreme. He reported it here… as did metahub.

He may here more on this from Ludia on Monday. Cause they aint going into the office to fix the tournament… they arent going to be doing anything about this.

thanks for sharing this and addressing the “problem”. This new update is getting worse every day :smiley:

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I didn’t call Legomin out he asked for confirmation and I confirmed it. Either you misunderstood my intention or I typed it poorly.

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i want to report here that , yes, i get offer too when reach tier 3… please all update here if any of you has reach speed tier 3 and get same offer. if yes, then its not a bug and ludia set it as it meant to be when reach this stage.

i can confirm. i got my first upgrade yesterday on a tier 3 dino. will it happen again today after my daily when i upgrade another to tier 3? or is it just once?

Lol i wasnt really responding to you…

To many on this forum wanna burn ap at the stake meanwhile Ludia be like… check back with on monday and remember to buy your boosts.

If i had a special offer pop up and i wanted to buy it… Id buy it… this game tends to punish you for closing out special offers without buying them by making it so you cant buy them again.

Id never think if i click purchase is it an exploit… i would think if i dont buy right now i may never be able to again.


since i boost just a single dino and advantage go up fast, i also want to confess here that i get another offer again when the dino reach speed at tier 4. please also cumulatively report here if any of you reach that level (speed. not health or attack) and also get the offer again, to confirm that this is not a bug.

i did not get another at tier 4

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What are you boosting so high in speed?

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nothing horrible… just a trex :joy:

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Oh you want it faster than a velociraptor.

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then anything!!! it runs through teams

I reached tier 3 but i didn’t get it :sob: