Update 3.0 Concept

Here is my concept to add all the dinosaurs we have been waiting for (I am sorry if I forgot any important dinosaurs). This post does contain spoilers for Dominion and Camp Cretacous.

New Land Dinosaurs

Common Creatures:
Microceratus (flock)

Rare Creatures:
Moros Interpidus (flock)
Atrociraptors, (Tiger, Red, and Pathera)

Epic Creatures:
Atrociraptor, Ghost

Legendary Creatures:
Toro (non hybrid)
Sino-Spino (Spinosaurus + Sinoceratops)


New Blue supply drops can be found in bodies of water, where you can find aquatic creatures.
With this addition, two events will happen at the same time, a land and an aquatic event. Also this will add new aquatic arenas for pvp and other battles

Baby Dinosaurs

With the “Baby Dinosaur” upgrade which you can get from certain events, it will allow you gain an extra 500 health and an extra 50 attack (The extra health will have absorb, similar to a flock creature like compy or dodo). Also baby dinosaur can only be applied to certain dinosaurs whose babies we have seen in a movie (or Camp Cretaceous).


Rexy, imperatosuchus, and parasauthops will be nerfed

Ceramagnus will be buffed

Which Aquatic Creatures would you add?

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Most of the ones from Jurassic World the Game, like mosasaurus, megalodon, dunkelosteus, elasmosaurus, and protostega.