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Update 3 - Gold & Glory

The Gold & Glory update introduces a new Challenge Mode and updates the XP system for heroes.


The new Challenge Mode replaces the time-locked reward chests with a list of 20 instant prizes. Each time you defeat a Boss, you earn one of three Reward Dice. At the end of the challenge, you roll the dice, see the results, and then pick the prize you want to keep!

Playing the Challenge

To start a challenge, tap the Challenge button, review the list of unlocked challenges, tap the Info button to review the available rewards, and then start the challenge.

  • Select Challenge
  • Review Rewards
  • Earn Dice

The available rewards are different for each challenge, and the reward lists change regularly, so check the update time.

Each room in the Challenge is more difficult than the previous room. Surviving heroes earn XP for every room they complete. The Boss appears every five rooms, up to three times.

For each victory against a Boss, you earn one of the Reward Dice:

  • 1 victory = d6 (six-sided dice)
  • 2 victories = d6 + d12 (twelve-sided dice)
  • 3 victories = d6 + d12 + d20 (twenty-sided dice)

The Challenge ends when you defeat the Boss the third time, when your heroes are defeated, or when you quit the Challenge.

Collect Challenge Reward

When the Challenge ends…it’s time to roll the Reward Dice and select your reward!

Tap the screen to roll the dice, and then see which results appear in the Reward List. If you roll doubles - or even triples - the rewards are doubled (or tripled!) !

  • Roll Dice
  • View Results
  • Collect Reward

Questions about Challenge Mode:question:

Q - What happens if I don’t defeat a Boss? Do I still roll Reward Dice?
A - No. You still earn XP for your heroes that completed the earlier dungeon rooms, but you can’t earn Reward Dice without defeating a Boss. Change your hero and gear setup, and then try again!

Q - What happened to my old reward chests after this update?
A - We opened them automatically and added the contents to your inventory. Check your notifications to see if you have new or upgradable items!


The XP system has been revised to change how heroes earn XP, and to strengthen the connection between Item levels, Hero levels, and Renown levels.

Most importantly, the new XP system eliminates the daily gold and XP caps.

Upgrade Item = Earn XP

Upgrading items now gives your hero XP instead of increasing your Renown.

Heroes continue to earn XP for completing dungeons in Adventure and Challenge modes.

Level-Up Hero = Earn Renown

Hero level-ups no longer happen automatically at the end of a dungeon or challenge. Instead, you must level-up the hero from the Hero Details screen, which shows how the hero’s combat stats will improve, and indicates the level-up cost.

Renown is no longer calculated by Renown points. Instead, you gain Renown levels by completing a set number of hero level-ups. When you have completed the required number of level-ups, you are rewarded with a new Hero pack or an Equipment pack.

  • Hero Level-Up Ready
  • Hero Details
  • Renown Requirements

Renown Levels = Max Hero Levels

The Renown level now determines the maximum Hero level for any given Hero.

For example, at Renown level 7, the maximum Hero level is 9. If you want to raise Tommus from level 9 to level 10, you must complete 5 level-ups for other heroes in your roster and reach Renown level 8. Then, you can level-up Tommus.

Converting to the Revised XP System

All Hero Levels and Renown Levels for current players will be converted to the new system as follows:

For Hero Levels:

  • Count how many item level-ups have been completed for each hero.
  • Calculate how much Hero XP those level-ups are worth.
  • Add the XP earned from completing dungeons.
  • Compare the XP total to the Hero level requirements.
  • Increase the Hero level if necessary. The Hero level will not decrease.

For Renown Levels:

  • Count how many hero level-ups have been completed.
  • Compare the total level-ups to the new Renown requirements.
  • Increase the Renown level if necessary. The Renown level will not decrease.
    • If the Renown level increases, you pick your rewards for each new level, as usual.

  • Rebalanced the difficulty of the Heartcoil Deeps
  • Replaced reward packs in Story dungeons with equivalent chests.
    • Leaders and bosses still have booster packs
  • Fixed the audio bug where multiple audio effects played at the same time
  • Various performance issues

Question(s) still not answered? Then please email us your questions at . Answers are usually delivered within 5 business days (Monday to Friday). However, depending on App updates or unforeseen circumstances there may be additional delays in our response to you.

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Wow… My Ranger was less than 100xp to lvl 12 and now after the update its NINETY TWO THOUSAND?!!


Ok this is worse than originally mentioned.

You get ONE reward for each dungeon now?!
50 common cards at best… IF you roll the right number and select that reward you’re looking at being able to upgrade a card after what? 3-4 years?!?!

This needs to be re-evaluated asap.



All fine and good.

But I had 3 chests, and now They are gone with no compensation.

How do you even get legendaries anymore?

Did anyone factor in just how long it will take to upgrade things when it’s nearly impossible to get the cards you want?
Look at all of the rewards at numbers 13-20, these are all a 5% chance to get, but works exponentially against you when trying to get the same reward.
Example: barbarian common weapon is currently at reward number 17 for sharpstone keep. If you roll a 17 you get 50 of these. This means I need to roll a 17 8 times in a row to upgrade it from level 9 to level 10.

The chances of this is .000000000390625%

Common card levels go up to 14.

Please correct me as this seems extremely bleek


They were opened them automatically and added the contents to your inventory. Check your notifications to see if you have new or upgradable items :slight_smile:

Initial impressions:

The chests are WAY better. It doesn’t look like we’re getting any gold from the challenges, either - we have to pay to do them in the first place?!

I’d rather wait 24h for a Dungeon Master/Glorious chest to get several Epics (& a lot of gold & at least a decent chance at a Legendary) than basically never get them at all.

With the structure of the challenges now, it seems like we’re doing a lot more work for way less reward.

I’m hesitant to spend the coins I have since the influx has seemingly dried up beyond selling extras to Durnan every 4 hours, & the 60-odd from the free chest.

I think, not having more than the free chest/card sell-offs to come back to, means I’m less likely to play. If a chest slot becomes empty, I’m compelled to run a quick challenge to fill it up, just to keeps things chugging along until I think my characters are ready to tackle the main quest again. Sometimes all I have time for is a one-rounder, & getting an upper-tier chest for it was an exciting bonus & encouraged me to play more.

Glad that the secret rooms weren’t done away with. The cards aren’t usually much, but the coins are always nice.

On a far less important note, Halbenet’s little “Ha!” kiai sounds kinda silly. :stuck_out_tongue:

In fairness, I know I need to spend a little more than 45-odd minutes with it, but so far, most of the changes are not my cup of tea.


This update just kills me playing.

I see what I can win from challenges, i dont want or need anything, so I guess I wont play again until they maybe change over.


This update seems pretty much terrible.

Massive nerf to loot gains. Old chest system have way more loot.

Also… I may be missing something here, but how exactly are we supposed to earn gold now? The economy seems completely broken with this updates.


I’m afraid this update is a miss. It completely removes any incentive to play the challenges as far as loot is concerned.

Take Sharpstone for example. Previously I could run a challenge, balancing how long I could go before a team wipe with the chance I could push my luck and get better rewards. For this I earned a chest, which would usually contain some coins and a bit of common loot, but could maybe win me a better chest, and occasionally a great one, with lots of coins and high level items, and all it cost me was time.

Now I have to pay 50 coins just for a shot at something I likely don’t want. Not only is it a grind, in most cases it will result in a net loss. Not sure what the intent was, but I can’t imagine this was it.

Perhaps if the reward structure involved chests and not individual cards, or if there was a more reliable means of selling unwanted cards, it would be more reasonable, but as it stands I can’t see myself spending any more time on it.


you got the rewards but you just didnt see which ones. I was able to tell what i got by the level ups on items.

Absolutely terrible update I was hooked playing just for a chance of the items I needed… now there is not one item in 4 levels I want and NO Legendaries at all… 5 Negative stars for this update.

I like the dice roll part but shouldn’t we just get all 3 dice roll rewards?? why do we have to choose one? Isn’t that the point of playing more to earn more rewards


More notes.
All of the dungeons are the exact same XP but it now costs gold to go through and get likely a single crap reward. This puts us at a net loss of gold for playing.

Anvil in room 15 is completely impossible now. He ignores taunt and it seems his AI triggers at random now. Instead of him only stabbing the ground if 2 or more heroes are in the same row, he just does it constantly, hitting for 2500 damage and another 2000 at the start of the turn. Nothing survives this.


All incentive to do higher levels dungeons iare removed. You pay more and get less. No more XP even though fights are substantially harder and loot is terrible.

While in the first dungeon you are now limited at 3 bosses ultimately being an XP nerf as well.

This release is just awful. Good thing you are in prerelease and probably have a slightly more tolerant audience … because if you were live and pulled this you’d lose a huge percentage of your user base

This update simply seems greedy, which I’m assuming it isn’t and this was just a huge mistake… At least I hope so. Listen to your community feedback and roll this back before you destroy your own (otherwise excellent) game.


This whole update is a money grab. Everything costs more coins and coins are harder to come by naturally. Only way to get coins otherwise is to buy gems requiring real money (or downloading other apps and completing requirements) and using gems to purchase coins. Leveling up characters now costs coins and a ridiculous amount more XP then before definitely more than just to compensate for gaining XP from levelling up items (which costs coins). At the very least reward XP from challenges needs to be increased otherwise levelling up from questing takes an absurdly long time. This update sucks. I will hold on to the game to see if next update improves anything cuz I really was enjoying the game before but I’m really not impressed with the changes


Yes absolutely should get all 3 rewards. This update is horrible


This game had great potential but this update completely rid of any reason to play it. Its absurdly hard to level due to the new structure and how everything costs coins. Coins which are much harder to come by. Loot is essentially unattainable without spending ridiculous amounts of real money. The fun of the game was leveling and farming loot, the update essentially removed this from the game. Changed to 1* review. I will keep the game in hopes that ludia takes all of the feedback to heart and makes the game fun/playable again. Until then I am done playing.

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I have spent real money.

This is a terrible idiotic update.

Reroll this. Take the L on this critical failure and go back to reward chests.


50xp at a time… This update makes running challenge mode completely worthless. I just spent 100k gold (yes that much) and upgraded all my main guys equipment that I never use, or will ever use and got less than 1/4 of the xp they each need to level. I think its clear this was/is an attempt to monetize the game a bit better. To eb frank, the former model provided almost no incentive to spend real money. I think this is way off the mark even there as it would cost somewhere around 5k dollars to get my next renown level at these rates (buying chests for gear and gold for upgrades).

IF I attempt to grind out level 17 in challenge mode it would take about 7000 runs, approximately 10 weeks of 24/7 play…

Yeah, y’all done and broke it.

Please roll back everything and re-think this one.


3 reset of rewards and still no legendaries available to me.


This is so bad.

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