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Update 3 - Gold & Glory


4 challenge reward rests and atill no legendary available.

Why wpuld I pay or play or anything without the odds of legendary?

And I have no intentions on downgrading equipment


So the only way to get significant amounts of XP is to level up gear that I will never use?

Levelling gear that is actually equipped is such a crap shoot. Seldom do I ever get cards for my equipped gear so levelling that is rarely going to happen. I am forced to spend gold levelling useless gear.

At the very least it is a convoluted system for charging gold to level up characters.


Since the update, impossible to level up, and impossible to progress in the main game, as Minautaur are way to strong!

I’m stuck at the same place since a month of playing repetitives dungeons!


Don’t worry, the devs will tell you that this is intentional like they did for me.