Update 4 - Rock & Roll

Warriors Of Waterdeep Update 4 Rock & Roll

The Rock & Roll update introduces a new Boss and Challenge mode in the early game, introduces a new hero, revises some hero abilities, and updates Challenge mode.


The 10 chapters of the Frostsilver Mines adventure are now split into two separate adventure so new players now have an additional challenge available in Challenge Mode.


  • Leaders: skeleton, zombie, animated armor, and spectre leaders
  • Boss: Soul of Frostsilver - a powerful earth elemental


  • Leaders: troll, ettin, rust monster, giant spider
  • Boss: Anvil of Dumathoin - a mighty iron golem

Questions about Frostsilver Mines

Q - What if I’m already past chapter 5 of the Frostsilver Mines in Adventure mode?
A - You continue the Adventure mode as normal, but you will see that the Frostsilver Mines theme is unlocked in Challenge Mode.

Q - What if I’m already in chapter 5 of the Frostsilver Mines, and about to fight the Gelatinous Cube leader?
A - After the update, you will start at the beginning of that chapter, ready to fight the Soul of Frostsilver instead of the Gelatinous Cube.

Q - Does this mean the Gelatinous Cube is gone from the game?
A - Nope! You’ll still “see” the normally transparent gelatinous cube in the Frostsilver Mines, the Hidden Forge, and beyond…


We’ve updated the Challenge mode economy in response to metrics and player feedback on the Gold & Glory update.

The Sharpstone Keep challenge now has a timer. The first challenge attempt can now be played for FREE. Players can continue playing the Sharpstone Keep challenge multiple times by paying the entry fee until the timer resets.




Laeral Silverhand recruits a new hero for the Warriors of Waterdeep: Calliope, the bard!

Calliope will be available immediately as part of an Early Access bundle. The bundle includes the Calliope hero pack, and three gear packs (rare, epic, and legendary).

Calliope will be available to all players as a Renown reward after Update 6.


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Farideh Gear Updates

Farideh Gear Updates

\ 144x200
Wanderer’s Laurel

  • Level 1 - cooldown set to 6
  • Level 5/9 - cooldown set to 5
  • Level 13 - cooldown set to 4

Explorer’s Band
\ 144x200

  • All levels - cooldown set to 5

Justicer’s Coronet
\ 144x200

Wreath of Flame

  • Level 1/3 - cooldown set to 6

  • Level 5 - cooldown set to 5

  • Level 4 - cooldown set to 4
    \ 144x200

  • All levels - add a ranged attack at 50% DMG to ability

Explorer’s Boots
\ 144x200

  • All levels - replaced melee attack with ranged attack

Lucky Grimoire
\ 144x200

  • Level 1 - increased duration to 3 turns
  • Level 5/13 - increased duration to 4 turns

Book of Shadows
\ 144x200

  • Level 2 - DMG set to 150%
  • Level 3 - DMG set to 200%
  • Level 4 - DMG set to 250%
Halbenet Gear updates

Halbenet Gear Updates

Thunder Mace & Shield
\ 142x197

  • Level 1/4/7 - ATK bonus set to +50%
  • Level 10 - ATK bonus set to +75%

Lunar Crown
\ 142x197

  • Level 1 - Cooldown set to 5
  • Level 4/7 - Cooldown set to 4
  • Level 10 - cooldown set to 3

Moonfall’s Shroud
\ 142x197

  • Level 1 - heal amount set to 50%. Cooldown set to 1
  • Level 3 - heal amount set to 75%. Cooldown set to 1
  • Level 5 - heal amount set to 100% Cooldown set to 1
  • Level 7 - heal amount set to 125% Cooldown set to 1

Crown of Corellon
\ 142x197

  • Level 1 - cooldown set to 7
  • Level 2 - cooldown set to 6
  • Level 3 - cooldown set to 6
  • Level 4 - cooldown set to 5

Holy Necklace
\ 142x197

  • Level 1-5 - cooldown set to 5
  • Level 9/13 - cooldown set to 4

Amulet of Corellon
\ 142x197

  • Level 1/4/7 - cooldown set to 4
  • Level 10 - cooldown set to 3

Moonstone Pendant
\ 142x197

  • All levels - Regeneration set to 75%
Naomlen Gear Updates

Naomlen Gear Updates

Apprentice’s Cap

\ 148x205

  • Level 1/5 - INJURE set to 125%
  • Level 9 - DMG set to 150%. INJURE set to 150%
  • Level 13 - INJURE set to 250%

Thief’s Shoes
\ 148x205

  • Level 1/4/7 - AC bonus set to 50%
  • Level 10 - AC bonus set to 100%

Thieves Tools
\ 148x205

  • Level 1 - cooldown set to 5
  • Level 5/9/13 - DMG bonus set to 50%

Disguise Kit
\ 148x205

  • All levels - ATK bonus set to 50%

Alchemy Kit
\ 148x205

  • Level 1/3 - cooldown set to 6
  • Level 5/7 - cooldown set to 5
Raika Gear Updates

Raika Gear Updates

\ 154x215

  • Level 1 - Timing set to 25%
  • Level 5 - Duration set to 1 turn
  • Level 13 - Duration set to 2 turns

Bulette-Claw Spear
\ 154x215

  • Level 1/4/7 - INJURE set to 100%
  • Level 10 - INJURE set to 150%

Bone Hammer
\ 154x215

  • Level 4 - Chance set to 50%. DMG set to 125%
  • Level 7 - DMG set to 200%

Tracks of the Wounded Bear
\ 154x215

  • Level 1/3 - REGENERATE set to 100%
  • Level 5 - REGENERATE set to 200%
  • Level 7 - Timing set to 100%

Claws of the Ancient Owlbear
\ 154x215

  • Level 1/3 - DMG bonus set to 100%
  • Level 4 - Timing set to 50%. DMG bonus set to 100%

Snake Skull
\ 154x215

  • Level 1/5/9 - DMG bonus set to 250%
  • Level 13 - DMG bonus set to 300%

Owlbear Skull
\ 154x215

  • Level 1/2 - DMG bonus set to 175%
  • Level 3/4 - DMG bonus set to 250%

Indomitable Gloves
\ 154x215

  • Level 5 - Timing set to 50%
Saarvin Gear Updates

Saarvin Gear Updates

Teeth of the Dragon
\ 144x200

  • Level 2/3/4 - Extra DMG set to +150%

Ranger’s Skirt
\ 144x200

  • Level 1/5 - AC debuff set to 50%
  • Level 9/13 - AC debuff set to 75%

Mountaineer’s Skirt
\ 144x200

  • All levels - AC bonus set to 50%

Scales of the White Dragon
\ 144x200

  • Level 1/3 - AC debuff set to 50%
  • Level 4 - AC debuff set to 75%

\ 144x200

  • Level 1/5 - cooldown set to 5
  • Level 9/13 - cooldown set to 4

Mammoth Fur Quiver
\ 144x200

  • Level 1 - AC debuff set to 25%
  • Level 4/7 - AC debuff set to 50%
  • Level 10 - AC debuff duration set to 3 turns

Amulet of True Strikes
\ 144x200

  • Level 1-5-9 - Timing set to 25%
  • Level 13 - DMG bonus set to 50%

Shevarith Gear Updates

Mage’s Grimoire
\ 142x197

  • Level 1 - chance to auto-kill set to 50%
  • Level 2 - bonus damage set to 350%
Tommus Gear updates
Tommus Gear Updates

Tommus Gear Updates

Shortsword & Shield

\ 141x196

  • All levels - Gives +50% AC when special ability triggered

Warrior’s Helmet
\ 141x196

  • Level 1/3 cooldown set to 5 turns
  • Level 5/7 cooldown set to 4 turns

Fighter’s Boots
\ 141x196

  • Level 1/4 - bonus damage set to 125%
  • Level 7 - bonus damage set to 150%
  • Level 10 - bonus damage set to 200%

Bracers of Defense
\ 141x196

  • Level 1/3 - AC bonus set to +50%
  • Level 5/7 - AC bonus set to +75%


  • Added Laeral V/O to Heartcoil Deeps
  • Fixed various performance and connection bugs

Question(s) still not answered? Then please email us your questions at support+dnd@ludia.com . Answers are usually delivered within 5 business days (Monday to Friday). However, depending on App updates or unforeseen circumstances there may be additional delays in our response to you.

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How do you get the Calliope Early Access bundle? Is it only available to new users? I’ve downloaded the update, but there is no sign of it.

So you give us 50 gold every day? How generous!

Is there a real fix to the economy coming?

I noticed it still takes 140000 XP to go from level 12-13 but it’s still only ~60 XP per dungeon. Not looking forward to 2300 dungeons to level once. Especially since the gold issue was 100% ignored.

Why would we keep playing?


Bug: Tracks of the Wounded Bear now heals immediately once when triggered instead of giving regeneration

Yep, I’m done.
Thanks for making a great game. Then unmaking it.


I am disappointed with the lack of progress shown in this update.
The lack of gold is the most notable flaw.
I actually laughed when I saw the option to spend $70 to early access a character.
Fix the game…the potential for income is directly proportional to the playability of the game.
I have bought items before the gut the glory from the game update and hoped for some progress.
A free 50 gold challenge and messed up items falls dramatically short of expectations.


Game is ruined.

You make us level off of item cards and make it impossible to get cards except for spending 800 gems on Friday specials to get large amounts of cards. I used up the resources i had to see how close i could come to leveling … game is a complete and utter grind and alot of times there are at most 2 items out of 20 that i want/need and i can get only 1-3 of the cards.

Why you havent listened to your beta testers is beyond me your like the Liberal Government… i have supported you all well on this game over 1000 dollars but im done i waited for this update in hopes you would lose the gold and gems rewards and replace them with Chests.

All you have done is add another chractaer that we will be forced to level and spend more money on cards for someone we wont play.

How you havent increased the based XP for fighting in the higher dungeons is a joke i used to get 12xp a character when killing high level monsters now its 6xp. It was 14000 xp to level from 12-13 and now its 140000 xp and most items will give me 3k or 4k when i level them and im at level 11-13 in my normals, 7-9 on rare, 4-6 in my epics… the game is so BROKEN but you refuse to listen!!!

I uninstalled it on my main device as it angers me to see the icon anymore.



Too many issues with the game with the last update. All of them named, all of them had reasonable propositions by players.

New update is not even close to adressing those issues… a pre release at 70 $ is the price of a complete game. I’m sorry I’m leaving…
This started right, now you’re like my ex… you want more but offer so little.
This was on the path to be a great d&d game. Now your like any other pay to play game.
I’m leaving you… and I’m a bit sad…
You looked good… we had fun … but it’s not working for me…


I like this update, I now have other challenges that I can do. I can do the first one for all three dice, and the new challenge I can get two dice, if I get lucky and play around with strategy I can probably get the third dice there too. although I only do the first challenge as it’s faster and I like 3 dice guaranteed.

But… the main problem with the game still remains. It takes far too long and it way too random to level characters up. The xp from battles is a pittance, especially at higher levels. Which means that you are entirely dependant on cards, which you randomly get. I stopped selling any cards back as I need every single one to level my guys up. I have some thoughts about a few ways to fix this and some other issues that I will post somewhere else.


Way to address NOTHING that has been brought up by your beta testers.

70 dollars for a pre release. Lol. Thats insane.

I can buy a full game for a console for less than that…and have it be a game that isnt currently broken

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It can’t be said enough times that 70 bucks for early access to the new character is a joke.

70 bucks. Is. A. Joke.


Only thing for Beta testers to look forward to now is the official launch so we can all give 1 star ratings and the worst reviews ever. That way no one will make the mistake of paying money for a ruined game where the developer refuses to listen to anyone.

It is all about protecting other gamers from you now.


Was there also an undocumented nerf to Halbenet’s Heal ability from the epic helm? It now heals for ~400 instead of the 3,000+ it was before.


Agreed, awaited for this update.

Update confirmed the devs aren’t listening and the game is doomed. Last update broke the game and I stopped playing waiting for a fix. Today I give up and I’m uninstalling.

At least the developers show their mismanagement early.


Hahaha exactly. I will certainly be dropping that review to help others avoid our suffering. This response is just so pathetic and to toss in stupidly over priced dlc too… Its like they are trying to kill their own game.


In an effort to be helpful, there was a major flaw introduced in update 3 that I assumed would be reported and fixed ASAP. Apparently not. My estimate is that it would take me 3 years to level from char 10 to char 11. When you raised the Exp requirements by two orders of magnitude, you didn’t touch Exp gain. 2 weeks to level went to 3 years.
I am logging in only to see that made reasonable. Until then, it is pointless to gain 36xp towards 100,000.


I just played through a couple of challenges and realized this when I tried to use Halbenet to heal Saarvin in Harvestshield Mountain. Only went up 300 hp, and was promptly killed on the next monster’s turn because 300 hp, when facing level 10+ undead, is two quarters of eff-all.

It’s been really disappointing since the ironically-named Gold and Glory update (considering there is hardly any gold and thus, no glory to be attained.) I’m curious enough to stick around to see what happens, I suppose. Knowing that I can’t level up makes playing seems useless. I went from playing several times a day to maybe a few times a week; it’s basically a time-killer now, instead of a game I’m truly invested in.

Much appreciation to those who have crunched the numbers for the benefit of the community.

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