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?Update 46, Where Are You?

July 28th was when the last update went live (update 45), I feel like update 46 should be coming soon. Typically updates come every monthish

I feel like one is due any day now. The question is what will be in it? I am wondering if they will update the coming soon part of the VIP buildings screen for after month 7?

New expansions? A new level cap? New story missions (probably not but here’s to hoping)? New creatures (that aren’t Gen 2)?

When do you think it’s coming and what do you think will be in it?


I really hope there is a new level cap and new expansions. Would be great to know what’s coming with the VIP Center. I am fine with no new story missions.

Something special for level 100? Allonogmius, Glythronax and Zalmonodon buff/DNA nerf? Bug fixes? All sounds good to me.

Car 57 where are you? Oh wait, wrong thread/number. :wink:

Ok, I’m also showing my age.


Are you asking for more :mosquito:s? We all know what happens in “bug fixes” :joy:

I really love how the game is in its current state.

The thing that is most exciting for me is the addition of new dinos.

I would love to see procompsognathus and coelophysis.

For procompsognathus it would be cool if they had a few of them in the paddock. Still count them as 1 creature but animate them as a pack like The Lost World.

Would be cool to see Coelohysis. I used to collect Jurassic Park toys and I always liked the Coelohysis because it had a bendy neck.

That empty slot might be DNA Production Site Gen 2.:exploding_head:. For real though, when this whole VIP building thing was announced I was most excited for that Instant Hatch building.

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Strong Jurassic Park Builder vibes right here

I love how we make so many Gen 2 puns whenever Ludia does something new :crazy_face:

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yes, specifically one that messes up the mosasaurus pack and gives us a metriacantho unlock.


I sure hope they at least fix the bug with the Instant Creation Lab when your paddock is full.


Do we now eany thing about it

Hopefully some unlocks for the non-tournament dinos that aren’t in the rotation. Including the ceno and aquatic super rares.

Maybe a legendary reef hybrid or legendary cavern ceno hybrid. Maybe some more involvement in the game with the ceno and aquatics, at least a tournament or two with them. Hopefully some rules tournaments to break up the sameness of the no rules jurassics.

I’m feeling insects are coming in 2021.

Ohh most importantly getting rid of the mod spin wheel and making the opponent act wayyyyyyy faster in pvp so it cuts down staring at the screen while nothing happens for 15 straight seconds Every time the opponent takes a turn.

And maybe a low battery mode where it doesn’t drain 5% of my battery to open the game and another 2% every minute.

I’ve got big hopes for this update :joy:


@Keith mentioned that some creatures wouldn’t be having unlocks if I’m not mistaken…

Unlocks and new creatures are no update from my point of view.

I’m with @Mary_Jo, the fix of the bug with the Instant Creation Lab is most important to me.

Insects are always on my mind but I do no longer hope that they will do such a big enhancement in the game. New animations, new creatures layout with totally new skins. A new environment, new classes and events, I do not think it is going to happen.


True, if it happens they might just give a news post with “starting MM/DD/YY a different set of Jurassic creatures will be getting unlock events”, unlikely as it is… I just hope they get events since I don’t see any hope of getting the other locked dinosaurs in events.