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Update 5 - Backbone & Balance


Warriors Of Waterdeep Update 5


The servers are the backbone of Warriors of Waterdeep, and we have just completed a major update of the server code in order to support upcoming new features.

The server update should not be noticeable, but, as always, please help the Warriors of Waterdeep community by letting us know if you encounter any bugs.


We constantly monitor the performance of the game for both new and established players, and have made the following changes based on our analysis:

Dungeon Room Rewards

We have increased the rewards for clearing dungeon rooms to better match the overall difficulty increase: more XP in Challenge mode, and more XP and gold in Adventure mode.

In addition, the gold and/or XP rewards for Bosses are doubled.

Dungeon Room Difficulty

We have reduced the difficulty of the leader and boss fights in the Frostsilver Mines to improve the game experience.


Tracks of the Wounded Bear

  • Level 1/3 - Changed to HEAL SELF at 100% of weapon DMG
  • Level 5 - Changed to HEAL SELF at 200% of weapon DMG
  • Level 7 - Timing set to 100%



  • Fixed various performance and connection bugs

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I reinstalled based on the notes that said there was increased rewards. However, it doesn’t appear to have made a dent. From a player’s perspective, it doesn’t look like the devs play the game past the entry level missions.

My characters are all 11/12 so I can’t progress in story mode against LVL 15 minotaurs so I need to do challenges to grind up levels.

Seeing as how gold is extremely limited, the only thing that makes sense to spend gold on is dungeons because if you upgrade your gear you can’t play the game because you have no gold because you need to pay to play the dungeons (endless cycle)
At 60 XP per dungeon it will take 2334 runs through the same 15 rooms of the first challenge over and over again to level my cleric once. This costs over 116000 gold.
The alternative is to run through harvest shield but I can’t get past the group of level 15 ettins. Doing this will take 5926 runs but costs 1.4 million gold.

Will the developers finally look at this game breaking flaw?


I can’t comment on how the effective the reward increase is until I’ve played for a week or two, but I’m happy to see larger gold rewards in the challenges (still think they should be free). I can say that the game seems to stutter a little now, it used to be very smooth, but when I select buffs, and again when I select the target, the game hiccups a little. This also happens when I use an ability that targets an area.


This game has become the absolute biggest disappointment I’ve ever seen. Prior to the gold and glory update this was by far the best single player mobile game I’d ever seen.

However, it seems the developers don’t actually want us to be able to play! The curve is simply too steep once you get to halfway to maxed level. If you honestly care about bringing this to full release, don’t just look at entry level. Looking at a 700+ hour playtime just to level once is not something to look forward to.


Maul’s ability hasn’t triggered once since the update. And it will still take years to level up my characters. The fans have told you there is an issue and we are ignored. I’m out.


Sigh. 43xp per run with 100000xp needed to level to 11 is still YEARS. 3.5 instead of my previously reported 4 years. Waiting for next patch. Increase that to at least 2000xp with the next patch or I give up and uninstall permanently. Do your flaggin’ math! We don’t play 16 hours a day. We are lucky to get 2 hours.


Gotta say this update feels like a baby Step in the right direction.

At least the devs recognize there is a progression problem when it comes to gold and XP.
Allthough, the increases are still negligeable.

Level 8 renown here, party consists of mostly level 7 - 8 characters.
The only challenge i can complete is Sharpstone, so i went from 49 XP a run to 60 ( +11 XP) so about 25 % more.

I still need 14000 XP to level up a character.
So, i got down from 286 Runs (14300 gold) to 234 (11700) runs to complete a Level.

From what i saw, the increase in Adventure Rooms seems a little better ( around 50 % ) but, still, where i stand, it,s 3 extra gold / XP per completed room, where i’m stuck against level 10 - 12 ennemies …


You’re about where I anticipated the steep progression curve to hit.
Imagine looking at the exact same problem with your guys are level 12 and needing 140000 experience per level. If you had the cards (which you won’t, because you’ve upgraded them all to get to this point) you’ll need to spend the gold to upgrade all your unused gear. it will cost approximately $60 per character for this single level, going by the gem cost in game and using gems to buy gold. ($480 for all of the characters, for this one level)

BUT - because you need to buy the cards, you’ll need to buy the chests to get the cards, this will cost just under $900 to get the cards. Again, per character, for this one level.

This is ONE level (12 to 13) of ONE character (of the 8 characters we have) which can be leveled up to a maximum of 20.

Grinding the dungeons is the exact same problem - except literally ten times as many runs.

The devs absolutely need to fix this. I honestly have no idea why they are blatantly ignoring these facts. You can not argue the math.


They had it perfect in update 2 when I started… I couldn’t hand my money over fast enough! Now 3 months later still no real fix … maybe they are just so arrogant that they refuse to admit they killed the game. I only stick around hoping against hope they revert to a system close to update 2. There are a few of us left but I’m sure you should be able to tell by spending rates that the old time players won’t keep paying for nothing!


I just started playing again after a break for a couple months. Last time I played the game was in open Beta still. Looks like it has since been “released”… but when I logged back in tonight, all of my previous progess was gone. Is this normal? Do I really have to start over from level 1 again?


Pretty much a repeat of what everyone else here has said: the system is broken for leveling, xp/gold earned versus what’s required to level is HUGE. If you could work on more quests (either more at a time, or the “time to next quest” was shorter) that could help.


So very bored of repeating Sharpstone Keep endlessly in hopes that something changes with this game. My four main characters are level, but cannot advance in adventure nor complete Frostsilver Mines challenge (maybe I could if regeneration works). There’s no point working on the other character because that would be a waste of gold I need for my characters to get to level 9, which will likely never happen since I only get useless gear. I told myself I would wait until the next update after Rock & Roll in hopes that things would get much better. An extra 11 exp on Sharpstone keep and a few extra gold isn’t cutting it. Give us something more interesting to do!!! I’ll keep the game installed for now, but I’ve already reduced my playing time drastically. Went from a few sessions a day, to once every other day. Just too bored. I’m sure there are more intersting turn based rpg’s out there that will be more worth my time.


It can happen … I finally got a decent reward from a secret room.

Now bring back chests or at least let us keep all our dice rolls!


@Draft_Saver, in which dungeon and how many times did you grind it until you got this reward?


Lol almost 3 months … just saying they can drop … Still useless because you want Legendary items for your characters with soon to be 8 characters and 6 item slots… so in say 12 years you might get a legendary for each character :joy::rofl:


Heartshield 12th dungeon … again still a joke but it did happen