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Update 50 is out

OMG they final made a new playable boss the juggernaut 32 I am so excited

No update for me yet. What region are you in?

Nothing for me either. UK and on iOS here.

neither here Mexico, iOS

anyone in australia? nothing here yet either

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iOS is always last due to the Apple posting rules I believe. Hopefully it will hit sometime today. Android got it yesterday so Apple should be today.


Nothing here it uk

I have it uk

Italy. Lets see

Any update here

still no sign

found it! try going to google play and search it up

iOS will most likely be released either today or tomorrow.

Iā€™m in AUS but nothing yet

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Us, Texas nothing

OK I GET IT! there is no update anywhere in is world I get it so just stop!

US North Carolina nothing for iOS iPhone

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Um apparently some people do have it depending on where they are in the world and depending on what phone they are using. I think we are just posting to see if people in the same vicinity do have it already but if we are the anomaly, we are aware and are able to report it.


Having this starting splash screen means I got the update I guess?

Edit: Iā€™m on Android if anyone was wondering.


Wound a little tight just a little bit too much caffeine maybe remember this forum belongs to everyone and we are all waiting on update 50 for the iOS iPhone so far looks like it has only been released for android