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Update 50 is out

iPhone Italy here. Still nothing

No update as well

the guys! I update my game, I will have the new bumps!

Haven’t got it yet, on iOS in Sweden

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Update is now here. iOS UK.

Delete your post, or change the pic to remove your key.

No update us, iOS yet.


Yeah, here neither, I’m. from Colombia with an iPad, nothing yet, but at least I can still enter to the game

Still no update available in North Carolina for iPhone iOS

If in United States it’s not yet, here in Latin America won’t be available in a while

but guys … go to your play store and add the update …

how can I do that?

IOS Colombia, update available

It’s simple, use the app (play store) then search (Jurassic world) then press the button (update) and voila …

Thanks but now I already have the update, but before all this when I searched the app on the app store the button said ‘‘open’’ no ‘‘update’’ but anyways thanks for the help

Your welcome, it is my pleasure.

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And besides in the boss missions, I don’t have a boss!


Thanks bud. AUS update available

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sniffff … I can’t post things on ludia for now. snifff …