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[update] 500+ players boycotting PvP

Dear Ludia,

I’ve tried to explain, proof and convince you that the current state of your game isn’t entertaining in any way anymore.
I’ve tried to comfort, convince and motivate my players… nothing works.
On my primary account I’m facing nothing else but lvl 30 fully boosted teams in library.
On my secondary account I’m facing lvl 25 boosted legendary’s and uniques in lockdown.
The game has more bugs than an abandoned house.
I can’t and I won’t sweeten what you’ve messed up. Therefor I’ve advised all members of my 3 alliances to boycot PvP. As we won’t be merely points to grant your whales.

Either you get your act together or you’ll be having 150 (500 now) players taking hostage of your battle points and I can only hope more alliances will follow. Apparently that’s the only way we’ll get you to understand.

In short what we aim for is:

  • no more 30/30 system. But bigger MM difference is a bigger reward difference.

  • Also more arenas between library and shores so 6000 don’t get fed to 9000.

  • And last but not least a better seasonal reset not putting all higher levelled players back to two arenas.

  • as a bonus: find a proper way to entertain your highest ranked players. Find incentives or special arenas… whatever. If getting on top means there’s nothing left to do… something is off

You have no clue how much this hurts me personally as I used to be one a huge fan… used to be.

UPDATE: with many alliances joining already we’re now on 600 (or so) players.
UPDATE 2: the numbers haven’t been and won’t be updated as they’ve increased rapidly and massively


Many people don’t play pvp. There are still plenty that do. Unless you have a way to convince 90% of the player base to stop playing, I see this as a futile attempt.
People want their incubators, they don’t care if it’s a drag.


150 already don’t… if more follow they’ll get the picture soon enough.

I’d rather miss out on useless alliance mission dna and make a strong point than be slave to their system :smirk:


I’ve been in the list of people who don’t play the arena for a well over a year now. I only go into the arena to update my trophy count for my alliance at the beginning of every month. I’ll continue to stay as far away from that cesspool of boosts and unhealthy matchmaking until it’s improved drastically.


Also, I don’t see the fact in why the shores matchmaking had to be changed, I recently just hit shores on Friday and my 1st match was against CaptAmerica (8500 trophies or something like that) vs my 6009, rank 19 vs rank 900 something :rofl:


That’s one of the main things they need to change ASAP. Boycotting PvP and taking hostage of the battlepoints is the only way…

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Ive been playing the game since its first days. The game is now the biggest boost wins the day. Boosts really messed up the game. Maybe limit boosts to 6 per creature so that it makes a difference and doesn’t overpower any given creature. Also there are many Epics & legendaries better than Uniques in the Arena this is unfair, all that time put into creating a Unique is not the same. And Bugs Bugs Bugs I cant play the game for five minutes without encountering a bug.


Same here, battle(any!) load member or friends list: reboot
Battle and need to join a raid reboot
Battle and need to receive an invitation reboot
Get a text during battle /raid reboot
Get a battery low message during raid/ battle reboot
Get a call anywhere ingame reboot


the system is bad, but i dont even face those dinos in low aviary. seriously, im facing level 24’s, but thats cuz i have two 22’s and a 25.

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what I fail to see is HOW IN THE HECK DO PEOPLE HAVE 20,000 TROPHIES!


well… sometimes u get lot of OP dinos but usually I face equally leveled dinos

My second account has lvl 15’s and 16’s … I’ve posted screenshots from what I’m facing in other topics many times… it’s just sad

Because lower levelled players are used to lose, this so the ones you’re referring to can gain some more. Hence the PvP boycot. If people don’t battle they can’t lose. If they don’t lose trophies can’t be gained…

It’s like a a lot machine… 99 players need to lose in order for no. 100 to win a jackpot and “the house” getting some nice profit as well. In this case: 100 people need to lose so high end players can gain and with the money they keep pumping “the house” makes a profit as well.


I’m probably the only one who love PvP I guess… Don’t forget that Ludia just screwed up the matchmaking by answering the top 100 players complaint (long time to get a match going, but hey, they are the ones who pay so we can play for free). So everybody got pushed down recently. But this has now stabilized (I suspect we are all about 300 points down (plus or minus one or two hundred) from where we used to be, but it’s the same old game with horrible matchmaking, and overall, you still win as many game as you loose otherwise you would keep going down and down and down. You just have to kiss goodbye your old rank from now… That being said, I don’t know how somebody can have two account. Playing this game with on one single account is a full time job…


Good luck, lol. You’re doing significantly less than you think you are.


Building a fortress starts with one brick… if nobody lays it … no building would ever be build. I can build cities if I wanted to. But for now… it’s a fairly reasonable town already with 7 alliances joining :wink:


I actually don’t mind PvP that much, it’s annoying when you face a monster, and not to brag or anything, but I can usually outplay them, especially if it’s a crutch

Well, as I said, good luck. I hope this fortress doesn’t end up being a circus tent in the end.


Wishful thinking… but I understand, really I do