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[update] 500+ players boycotting PvP

Wait, 6 hours and you already got 350 people? Dang, arena is more jacked up then I thought

7 joining 3 is 500 (likely bit less as not all members can be reached)

For every match not lost is 15000 trophies circulating less…

Oh, this is getting big fast

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Devs and mods can’t help this… those who can won’t reside there I guess

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this thread is about arena pvp, right?

well… i reached library (5000+ trophies) a bit after league arenas released. then i realized it was my personal limit. beyond that i must pay money and/or play more hardcore (more hours a day), but i have a life and play other games too.

then since that i found other ways to enjoy jwa. nowadays the most fun part of this game is weekly tournaments.

i like raids, but for a more casual player in a more casual alliance, i can fight only against sinoceratops boss or some above. the rest is for hardcore players or those who use discord and play more seriously… or top ranked players lol. apex dna is not for me.

i like AR to make some nice photos too. because i like dinos, hehehe. jwa graphical designers are the best in my opinion.

for arena i still enjoy, but not for ranking anymore. i play a battle focusing in a single battle, not ranking. if i face some monster, i know it’s a matchmaker/rng problem, but i don’t care anymore.

and… i don’t use boost since 2.0 reset update. my creatures are “boost free” lol.

another thing to have some fun is dropping. i did it again this week. now i’m in arena 1. what i have when i drop: diversity. i select dinos compatible with that level and battles are way more balanced than with top arenas. and i can play with different creatures and test different strategies.

by the way… i don’t care anymore. ludia people do what they want, not what we complain about. the game is still playable this way.

good luck!


I congratulate the initiative.

Personally, I’ve already decided to stop giving money to Ludia as long as we continue to go through this:

If a good number of players are motivated, there are other actions that could be done, but the most important is first to touch their wallet, so as many players as possible must stop the vip.

Secondly, we can agree on a whole day where nobody connects.

It’s sad to come to this point, it has simple solutions for Ludia but they never really tried to make an effort both in listening and especially in optimizing the balance of the game and correcting unbearable bugs that have been rotting the lives of all the players for too long.


I fully agree. If I was where you are I’d be furious… the entire system needs to be overhauled… sooner rather than later. They finally took back the timer delay but added the free slaughter party. Nobody asked for that and it only added to everyone’s frustration. It’s utterly sad it has to come to this. I’m also pleasantly surprised by the fact that even high end alliances agreed to join. Apparently even they are fed up with this system.

I’ll take AI battles anytime. Less players playing, means more AI battles. Matchmaking is bad, but boycott won’t solve anything. Only players lose with it. You get less coins, less battle exclusive dna, less boosts.

Matchmaking is long time problem, that wont be solved, until game gets more players and more players climb in last 4-5 arenas. Though creatures need big rebalancing that battling won’t be a lottery anymore. Now is most important what you draw and how you boost your team.

They won’t do anything until 4th January though, as they don’t work until then.


That’s exactly what they count on… “fear of missing out” most used sales method globally. If you’re afraid you’ll “lose” something or “miss out” on it you’ll make sure to get in.

Well honestly?
If I don’t battle I still eat, breath and live. Actually… I’ll have more money to spend on food and more time with my kid while eating it and a lot less frustrated breathing.

Whatever we miss out on will in no way affect our lives. It will affect the lives of those making money on us though… Especially if it’s been happening while they were having their parties and dinners and good times…

Catch my drift? :wink:


To add to this: Shores matchmaking again (i’m at 6009-6069), this time fought Damon (rank 7) suprisingly won! but still, Royce (rank 4, lost miserably)


I’ve already found myself playing PVP less and less due to unbalanced matchmaking. Might as well make it an official protest :sweat_smile:


The top 100 mostly just wanna play arena and have fun. I doubt many of the top 100 begged for this insane matchmaking since it bites them as hard as it hurts everyone else. They wan more matches with more people not more matches with the same few players and a player base hating them.

This new matchmaker is bad and indefensible. It serves only the smallest minority of the top player base and justifies dropping. I am one of the advocates for Shores having a 30s timer and multiple reset points. I have written a post about how to fix this from the top 100 point of view. My main focus is getting everyone where they should be while punishing droppers and unethical players.


I’ve always despised droppers, especially back in the day when I was in lower/mid-Manor and had to face an occasional level 30 Thor… But honestly, if I weren’t in the endgame and able to take on the very rank 1st, I would certainly be the dropper today!

This Shore matchmaking system is ABSURD… Those on the top are the ones who battle the most, so as soon as you step in there, chances are you’re gonna face a top player… Today I think I did about 8 battles in the arena. More than half of those against top50 players, including Nizam and Royce… The risk is huge of a losing streak when you just want an incubator in this crap arena.


same here. whats a few more days/weeks/ months of no pvp. already sporadically playing, so its not hard to quit all together.


You can beat them though. The sad reality is arena is streaky. Went on a 200 trophy swing in 1 hour of arena. Up 200 down 200 then up 400 down 100. I dun enjoy this matchmaking since its quite tiring to do arena even with my maxxed team and improving tactics.

I prefer AI more since there is diversity and also surprises that I wouldn’t expect. Not always tactically correct but still surprising.


I know I can I beat them, 'cause I did :sunglasses:


I’m fully aware this affects all players in this game (apart from a tiny group) and as said before was surprised to hear so much from the high end players in a supporting manner. (Especially since I’m not known for being always too kind on them😅) but it’s become a ridiculous gameplay and if nobody does anything “they” surely won’t.

All I can hope for is that more alliances realise that missing out on some virtual rewards will eventually hit such a dent in the current philosophy of this game that it changes its course for the better.

Even the response on Pierre’s second open letter was merely a full blown copy of their response and promises on the first letter she wrote and nothing has changed…

One person can’t make a difference nor can one alliance or even 10. But for anyone who thinks a tiny thing can’t change a situation entirely I just suggest they try sleeping with a mosquito in their bedroom :wink:

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The problem is you won’t make a dent. I play daily though “casually” and even though I’m in the high 5k range and finish each season in the low 6k range I’m ranked 1100 right now… that means that your 500 players are either a pittance or people will view this as their chance to rise.

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Where there’s a new road to follow, there will be people who argue to stay on the old familiar one. Either way is fine for me. You do you. I’ll do me :wink:

Yeah, but the more people stop playing, the harder it becomes for the matchmaker to make fair matches, so more players will experience bad matchups and get fed up, and many of them will boycott pvp/quit the game, and the cycle continues. This has the potential to affect a lot of people. But will Ludia actually listen?