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Update 54 Bricked my CoT (and every subsequent battle in PvE against teams with bosses)

So the new update bricked my CoT event.

My theory is that anytime a boss is rotated into play (or in my case starts out in play) the game crashes. Thus anytime I chose a lineup it crashes even before the battle loads. I restart, and get prompted the continue battle pop-up, and clicking continue only causes another crash.

Good thing I already have Edestus unlocked, just in case Ludia can’t get around to fixing this issue. F for the people who also have theirs bricked but Edestus locked…


this is gonna be a tough clash of titans i think i cant do this event anymore

Wow that sucks big time!
Guess I’ll find out if it screws my CoT up tomorrow when I unlock it.
Hopefully I get lucky because I definitely need the unlock


I literally can’t. The bosses crash my game anytime I try.


i thought this update is gonna be good but this update is the worst update

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Apparently they are trying every way possible to make you despise the bosses more and more every update!


As long as Ludia prioritizes the playable Bosses I’ll despise them. They have done absolutely nothing beneficial or new to this game.

I despised it since omega. The $100 for BDNA was the welcome we got to the awful design called playable bosses.


i think i will not do cot from now i will only do tournaments

If Ludia fixes this CoT is still worth doing. The issue presented is that it’s impossible to do CoT because the bosses brick the game.

This just screams “We value our players and wanted to introduce a fun new game mechanic.”

This is why I’m done sugar coating things.


Don’t give up on CoT
The pack rewards and additional tourney dino unlock you get is definitely worth it!


this shop is never worth it

Oh my gosh
Your ostapo lineup looks awesome


wait does this depend on ferocity or is it just for everyone

Ferocity based.

However now with the boss nerfs and Ludia testing the waters with bosses in events, I presume, anyone could get a boss in -at the very least- their CoT thus bricking the event. Image if this carries over to ALL events. This is update 52 ALL OVER AGAIN.

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That’s why I only pay the vip subscription. Cuz of junk like this update. I think their just like Vince McMahon. They don’t truly understand what their product needs. Nor what we who pay their salaries want.

Same, but every day that passes I regret buying it.

On one hand they reworked VIP 2x to “Thank the players” but then they turn around and give us lackluster content and updates that break the game.


Wait, why do event bots get to use the Bosses but we don’t? That makes absolutely no sense.

Chances are it’s Ludia testing the waters of then being in PvE events and/or us getting to use them in our PvE rosters.

Either way, there was zero QA done to prevent this glaring game breaking bug…


the worst part is that i cant unlock juggernaut because i used juggernauts dna to evolve omega09