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Update 57

So what will update 57 have? Bumpy is on the opening screen. Now most creatures that are on the loading screen usually are already in game or will be coming (Brachiosaurus for example). So it’s very likely that bumpy and other dinosaur characters will be introduced. We also know rhinoprotodons stats will be fixed
Other things that might come :

  • new level cap and isla sorna expansion
  • mylodon

Do you have a link to Mylodon datamine or where ever mentions it? i keep seeing people talk about it but no evidence on where it came from.


He was shortly in the game after the amber update

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Ah i see, found images of it, looks cool!

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Unlikely about the level cap increase and more Sorna expansions.


Yep. I think a new amphibian hybrid is more possible than a sorna expansion

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let’s hope it’s a good one…

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I really hope the update won’t focus only on boss-related stuff like 55 did. :sweat_smile:

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We probably won’t unless they decide to release aqua and ceno bosses or reskins like alpha and vulcan

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Checking every hour to see if the Release Notes came out. :joy:

I guess we are going to see them next week? 🤷


Hopefully, the update comes out this week. Still waiting. :sleeping:

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I just hope that the update does not come with problems on the island and the expansion is true :blush:

I am certainly not hyped for any updates as of now. Lol

I hope it comes before the end of the month

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