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Update 6 - Adventure & Advantage

ADVENTURE & ADVANTAGE updates the game economy and introduces new features:

  • Challenge events
  • VIP membership
  • Achievements


As we design and implement new features, we examine how those features will affect both the economy and overall player performance in the game. In the ADVENTURE & ADVANTAGE update, we have made the following changes to the economy:

  • Updated the ratio of XP sources for heroes
  • Revised the Reward Lists in Challenge Mode

Changing the XP Ratio

Previously, the game was designed so that, on average, 80% of the XP required to level up a hero came from gear upgrades, and the remaining 20% came from gameplay.

This update sets the new ratio at approximately 60% gear / 40% gameplay by making the following changes:

Reduced the XP requirement for each hero level by 50%.

For example: Raising a hero from level 2 to level 3 used to require 200 XP. Now, the same level-up requires 100 XP.

  • Reduced the gold cost for a gear upgrade and the XP awarded by 50%.

For example: Upgrading a rare item to level 2 used to cost 150 gold and award 350 XP; now the same upgrade costs 75 gold, and awards 175 XP.

These changes, when combined with the increased XP earned from more difficult dungeons and bosses from Update 5, means players can earn more of the XP they need from gameplay.

Applying the New Ratio

All heroes will have their current XP matched against the new level requirements and may become eligible to level-up immediately. No hero progress will be lost, and heroes will continue to earn XP as normal.

Challenge Mode Reward Lists

The values of the gem, coin, and gear rewards on the Reward List for all Challenges have been redistributed to create a better and more exciting variety of reward amounts.


The ADVENTURE & ADVANTAGE update introduces Challenge Events.

From time to time, you’ll be able to earn extra rewards when you play challenges.

Challenge Event Types

There are currently three challenge event types:

  • Extra Coins - all the coin results are increased
  • Extra Gems - all the gem results are increased
  • Extra Gear - all the gear results are increased

Attempting a Challenge Event

Challenge events are listed at the top of the Challenge List. You can review the Featured rewards, and the time remaining before you begin.

The first attempt at a challenge event is always free. Additional attempts require an entry fee. Challenge events are only available for a limited time, and some may feature a maximum number of bonus rewards that can be earned. If you’ve collected all the possible rewards, the challenge event ends early.

Complete the challenge as normal, roll your Reward Dice to determine your rewards, and choose your reward.


Warriors of Waterdeep now offers monthly VIP subscriptions to players.

VIP membership offers additional advantages for players:

  • Daily VIP Chest
  • VIP Bonus Cards
  • VIP-only Store offers

VIP Benefits

The VIP membership benefits are available as soon as your VIP subscription is confirmed.

Daily VIP Chest

VIP members can collect a VIP chest from the Store every 24 hours, after collecting the free mystery chest.

VIP Bonus Cards

Whenever VIP members receive cards from a chest, a card pack, or a challenge, there is a chance that a bonus VIP card will appear. The VIP card may be additional gems or coins.

You must be a VIP member to collect these bonus cards. Otherwise, the bonus cards are removed, and you collect everything else.

VIP-only Store Offers

VIP members can take advantage of unique gem and coin offers in the Store from time to time.

Starting a VIP Subscription

VIP Subscription Details

The following terms apply to VIP subscriptions:

-Prices may vary depending on sales taxes or countries

-Payment will be charged to your store account at confirmation of purchase

-Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period

-Subscriptions will be renewed within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period

-Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings on their device

-Cancellation of the current subscription is not allowed during the active subscription period

-Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription


Players can now complete Achievements in the game. Review your achievement progress by tapping the Achievements button in the Settings screen.


An information billboard now appears when the game opens to inform Warriors of Waterdeep players of the latest events and promotions in the game!


We are constantly reviewing the game’s performance and player feedback.

  • Fixed the Regeneration ability
  • Fixed the Quest display issue that had users completing quests before they were visible
  • Fixed the problem that slowed progress in Ranged and Melee attack quests.
  • Improved the overall game experience for new players.


  • Added Calliope to the general pool of available heroes
  • Fixed various performance and connection bugs
  • Added support for additional languages: Italian, German, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese

Question(s) still not answered? Then please email us your questions at . Answers are usually delivered within 5 business days (Monday to Friday). However, depending on App updates or unforeseen circumstances there may be additional delays in our response to you.

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Uninstall time. Consistently in response to your previous update, Level 10+ players were screaming at you to correct the XP system. My estimate was 4.5 YEARS to reach L11 from L10. Your correction shaved off 50%. 2 YEARS is still much too long. I have never seen a more pigheaded group of developers in 35 years of computer gaming. Bye bye and I’ll try to remember the company name to avoid your future products. This is just too surrealistic and Orwellian to abide.

So after testing out the new additions this patch had to offer :

The good-ish :

  • Still working on the XP system. Now if we put it down in numbers :
    A full Sharpstone Keep challenge went from 60 XP to 72 XP a run (20 % increase)
    A single room of the adventure mode (where i’m at) went from 8 to 9 XP / Gold a room (12.5 % increase)
    So i guess we are Slowly getting there ?
    It still feels like it’s going to be very long to get a single level up (level 9 Halbenet requires 19K XP) and we are still locked behind what cards you drop to hope you get good upgrades

The Neutral :

  • The achievments are an okay addition. They dont seem to be working on my side though. So i hope the achievments arent locked only in the story mode since a couple of those boss fights are already done. Did sharpstone 4 times since yesterday, and still havent unlocked the “defeat Harkald Firesworn”

  • Calliope : Cool i guess ? I’m 2 renown levels away from having a chance to test her out. So maybe in 3 months…

The Bad :

  • Timed Events : Those feel Okay-ish pointing to bad at best.
    Even if you go through a challenge while an event is on, there is absolutely No certainty you’ll get it.
    There’s actually a X3 gems event in sharpstone. The event costs 10 gold more than the usual challenge (60 instead of 50) and in the end it,s still 100 % dependent on your dice rolls.
    So you might pay extra gold to get crap instead of the event related gems ESPECIALLY when the loot table only has 3 slots for gems. Two of them are limited to the D20.
    I actually need to roll a 2, a 9, or a 15 to receive 3(9) 3(9) or 9(27) gems.
    So 1 outta 6 chances, one outta 8 chances, or 3 outta 20 chances to score some gems … during a Gem oriented event.
    Why not make All the results gems ?
    Also what’s with the gauge on the left side that calculates how many gems you get ? Does that mean a 36 Hours event automatically stop once i get 100 gems out of it ?

  • The VIP subscription. You’re actually charging more for the subscription than an Actual MMO on PC would charge.
    19.99 USD a month that’s how much Wow charge monthly. FFXIV charges 12.99 USD
    Most app games i played ( and had any incentive to put money in) usually charged below 10 USD a month ( some even as few as 5 USD a month)
    That is on top of Selling a Character (Calliope) for about 70 USD all the while being an unreleased BETA ACCESS game.
    And on top of that, you also charge money for Gems…
    It feels like you’re fishing for whales big time, and the game has not yet got out of early access…

  • Durnan’s Store card refresh Still seems to be bugged whereas the card types you can sell don’t actually refresh every 4 hours. The cards you can buy seem to be refreshing correctly though.

  • No Calliope drops on challenge, even once she’s unlocked

  • Achievement aren’t working me for either

  • Fury doesnt work on procs (exemple : if I proc fury on Saarvin and then proc volley on his epic bow, only one volley hits instead of two)

  • Skill that hit many random targets does not hit a single target more than once (exemple : legendary Saarvin’s quiver) so if there 2 enemies it only hit twice, one hit each instead of bouncing between them

  • A bit more exp is good (took you 3 patches to realize it)… sadly, it’s still need to be raised.

  • Still wish the chest reward system (4hrs, 8hrs, 12hrs, 24hrs) could come back, that rolling dice thing to get a single reward is still crappy


Thanks for the update first of all.

The game seems to run a little smoother on my tablet without as much jerkiness or stuttering.

Caliope seems unnecessary…I can’t imagine how anybody who dropped the $70 feels.

Events need more focus on the bonus prize…more gems or gold or whatever…paying more should result in at least one of the three rolls hitting the bonus item
I’m Godsmacked that you think this game is worth 20 bucks a month to advance quicker. Grow Up

Exp from playing still to low. People were unhappy with advancing though item upgrades and to balance that out you lowered exp gains???
Raise the play amount!!!

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I like this update, it’s a good step in the right direction, it doesn’t fix all the issues, but it does address some nicely.

The good;

  1. less xp and gold to level up is excellent, not sure this update goes far enough for higher levels. but it’s a nice start
  2. cards from challenge rewards have increased which is great, I like being able to get multiple epics at once, gold rewards were not increased and it is still a bottle neck
  3. challenge events are a neat idea, I finished the current one (got all 100 gems) and was able to buy 10,000 gold with the gems. (had been saving for awhile, this put me over 500)
  4. the new charter is awesome and has some really neat abilities
  5. adding achievements is cool (more on this below)
  6. Secret rooms seem to be more common, I’ve been running into one about 35-40% of the time rather than 25%, this might not be the case and luck has just been with me the last few days.

The bad

  1. no way to guarantee getting the proper rewards from challenge events, I did a few and didn’t roll any gems, got a couple where I did roll gems, but rolled higher numbers and the gear/gold was better to take than a few bonus gems
  2. the achievements don’t work for things already completed and have no in game reward. why even bother???
  3. VIP is massively overpriced. The other mobile game I play has a monthly VIP which I buy 3-4 times a year and it’s only 15 dollars. I would pay 5 dollars a month for this VIP, not 30. (Canadian dollars)

The bugs

  1. (Old) Store doesn’t update cards to sell back every four hours like it should, updates cards to buy every four hours though
  2. (Old) fighting the boss in Hidden forge causes the game to stall about half the time
  3. (Old) When Saarvin’s Legendary bow procs the red dice and hits everyone it is still treated as melee and gets the rust monster attack reduction.
  4. (Old) When random melee attack procs from pants on the third boss in a challenge, if it kills the boss, the game freezes up.
  5. (Old) When the game freezes or times out on a challenge and you have to restart (from where you left off), you lose the xp you’ve accumulated so far.
  6. (New) Saarvin’s legendary bow (area attack red dice) and bracers (fury red dice) not longer work together, the bow proc overrides fury.

those are some main points about the update itself. One of the reasons I’m happy is that I unlocked the Bard and then opened the adventure pack from Laerel’s Quests (375 points) and got two epics and some rares for her. I’ve gone from renown 10 to 12, and Calliope is level 7 already. With the reduction in XP needed for levels I was able to instantly level up 3 characters (2 to level 10 and one to 11), and have two more that are brushing up against level 11 (if only I had enough gold).

some things that are irritating is that I got to open up two equipment packs for renown, and both times they were for the same three characters, none of which was Calliope. that’s who I wanted equipment for.
Not having in game rewards for achievements is a head scratcher, to me this was a no brainer.
My named rooms are still above my levels and will take awhile, 2 of them are for the rogue and they showed up when she was level 9, and they are for level 11. so I’ve got two rooms that are dead space for another month. These rooms should reset when they are not opened after a period of time, maybe with challenge rewards? do something better with named rooms.
Award all dice gained on challenges, this one has been asked for since this change was implemented and would help gathering resources SO much. it won’t break the game either, I’ve literally rolled all three dice under 6 many times. I’ve also rolled gold or gems on all three dice, and just had to choose the highest amount. the same rewards on different dice don’t stack which is super annoying (although all dice won should be awarded so this point is moot)
Give Old Mirt something to do other than steal gems (paying that much to revive once is robbery)

All in all I’m happy with the update, a new character is great and I’m happy to level her up. more gameplay options and fixes are still required though.

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Halbenet’s healing ability is still nerfed to hell. Healing ~300 hp doesn’t help if the enemies you’re facing routinely deal over 300hp damage.

he has a bunch of different healing abilities, which one are you referring too? I like using the legendary hat (~1000 hp to everyone) with the regen necklace (~500 hp per turn for 4 turns). Although the cooldown at 7 turns is outrageous for the legendary hat. Sometimes I use epic hat (~500 hp, no cooldown)

Still very full of bugs. This one’s new though.
Anvil of dumathorn is still WAY too hard with his random area attacks. They instakill every unit because it hits twice before you have a chance to move.
In this screenshot I was lucky enough to heal tommus before his turn but he still died. Fought the rest of the battle with him dead at 75% health.

yeah, that sword attack is crazy unfair, and now he uses it all the time. From what I can tell it used to only be used when there were two characters in the same column, but now he uses it willy-nilly and when you have two characters in a column, and when two characters were just in the same column and when two characters might end up in the same column. It’s also an attack that doesn’t miss on either hit. if both hits are unavoidable, and he uses it all the time like now, the power of it should be greatly reduced and give it a cooldown. it’s far too strong. I generally don’t bother with this challenge because of this. I’ve gotten all three dice a few times, but I’ve also died on wave 10 due to this attack. (and then rolled a one, LOL)

Was the nerf to the legendary ranger quiver intentional? It now does different targets at 75% damage. It used to be able to bounce between opponents and really be the only way to take down the Ettin rooms. It went from being the best quiver (you know, being legendary and all) to the worst.
The barbarian epic boots were also changed to just have a flat heal instead of regenerate. Wasn’t the original intent of this item to be able to have the barb tank? If she is moving towards targets she’s (in theory) already at full health.

Now that there are 8 characters, including 2 of every type, the story mode seems even less useful. You absolutely need to use your highest level heroes to progress in that mode. Which means you need to grind with the highest level characters.

Is there a plan to have a lower level story to increase replayability? Or maybe go back a few bosses in sorry mode for some lower level rewards to suit the lower level characters?

The rewards from grinding dungeons are so small that it seems nearly impossible to level up the lower level heroes. It would be nice to have a fighting chance. I’m liking the bard’s mechanics a LOT. Great job on this.

Hopefully there’s more to come than infinite grinding. It’s easy to fall behind on gold.

I have Epic Item Moonfall’s Shroud:
Target: 1 ally
Range: 2 zones
Effect: Heal 50% of this unit’s damage (305-411 hp)
Cooldown: 1 turn.

But, after writing that out, I looked at the others (rare & common, don’t have Legendary) and the common, Moon’s Circlet (at level 8) appears to do much more than the aforementioned Epic (which is at level 2). Obviously, I’m going to switch. I think I updated Moon’s Circlet without noticing 'cause of the newer XP system; just updating because I had the cards. What sucks is that the switch puts a minor dent in my HP, AC, DMG & all the rest. But the heal amount is worth it even with the 4-turn cooldown.

Adding info just for comparison -

Common item: Moon’s Circlet (level 8)
“Cure Wounds”
Target: 1 ally
Range: 2 zones
Effect: Heal 200% of this unit’s damage (1190-1610)
Cooldown: 4 turns

Guess which one i got equipped :

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The events are a good idea but to pay diamond to play it is not good. Already we have to pay gold to play challenge, we shouldnt pay diamond to have a chance to win a little more gold here.

Like here, as exemple, 8 diamonds fee for a “chance” to win an extra 500 gold is way to expensive in my opinion


Thanks so much for such detailed feedback. I have passed it along to our Dev team. We’re happy to hear you like the new update and Calliope. As always we are constantly looking to improve our game, and you feedback really helps.

Are there plans to fix the gold economy?
The last update took baby steps in regards to XP, but it costs gold to play dungeons and is ridiculously expensive to level up.

The Bard is a ton of fun to use and have gotten her to level 8. Been playing 3-5 hours per day to level her up to 8. Dominate is such a cool mechanic.

However, I’m completely out of gold. This means I can’t even play other than the free beginner dungeon every 6 hours.

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