Update 60

I made this thread so we can all post our ideas for Update 60

My Ideas:

More Common and Rares
Ostapo S-Hybrid
New Buildings and Decorations
Toast Statue
JPB Creatures
Bagehesaurus Health Buff
Glythronax DNA Cost Reduction
Yudon Unnerf
Pteramimus, Dilophosaurus Rex and Pachygaloceratops
Add back block sound
Land vs Aquatic vs Cenozoic
Urtinotherium Tournament
Japaneese Dinos

What are your ideas?


How long is the time between updates?

No more bugs would be more than enough.

  • creature nicknames
  • Creature feed and play (same as in JWA
  • Allosaurus gen 2 (correct model
  • Alloraptor hybrid: sugesst 1: Tournament hybrid - Allo gen 2 + Blue or suggest 2: S-Hybrid: Allonogmius + sdna one of these: Utahraptor/Pyroraptor/ Deinonychus
  • Ostapotyrannus super hybrid Amphibian - Ostaposaur + yutyrannus DNA

No creature lag a freinds list and arthropulera with clossal squid

No disconnection issues.

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All of your ideas sound good.

Why now everyone wants ostapo s hybrid? In my opinion koolasurus should get s hybrid not only because it is forgoten by many players but it’s also one of the first hybrids in the game. When hybrids came out only thing that could kill indominus was koolasaurus. Now Indoraptor needs his s hybrid amphibian counterpart.


bec i love ostapo, koolasaurus? nah, sorry

I don’t think we’ll get colossal squid since tusoteuthis technically already is one

I just want a new sorna expansion and new level cap


What if new level cap would be 100 and at that stage we will fight giganoto boss? After winning of course we get unlock

My idea? That they add absolutely nothing and that they correct all the errors or at least most of them. Whenever they release an update they add new bugs and forget about the ones that were already there… For example, update 57 of February 8th added the boss vs boss, they removed it and for now, it was abandoned

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More ways to get Tournament creatures
More statues
More new creatures
Hybrids for old creatures
More S-Hybrids
Level cap increased to 150

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Make star/celebrity Dinos like Bumpy, Blue, Rexy, Toro VIPs so that they actually feel more important.

Also to have actually Good stats.

Bumpy Is Green Icon, Blue Is a Blue Icon And I Thought Rexy Is A Red Icon.

I would really just appreciate if they fixed the nonstop server errors, crashes, and freezes. I can’t believe how bad this really is, and they should be embarrassed that it’s persisted as long as it has. I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s 50+ crashes/day for me. How any developer could consider that acceptable is beyond me

Jurassic world dominion Giganotosaurus pls

When would be the next Update?

Probably 2-3 Months