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The EVENTS & ENHANCEMENTS update adds new benefits to VIP subscriptions, and introduces new types of events in Challenge Mode.

We’ve added two extra benefits to the VIP subscription:

  1. Subscription gift
  2. Progressive VIP chests

Subscription Gift

Players will receive a one-time subscription gift immediately after they start their VIP subscription.

If you are already a VIP member, your gift will be in the mailbox!

Progressive VIP Chest

Every time you collect the daily VIP chest, the VIP chest progress bar fills in; when the bar is full, the chest upgrades to a new level and offers increased rewards.

The VIP Chest progress carries over for every month that your VIP subscription is active. If you do not renew your subscription right away, you won’t collect the VIP chest, but there’s a short grace period where you can renew your membership and keep the current VIP chest level. If the grace period lapses, the VIP chest reverts to Level 1.

Two new types of challenge events are available with this update:

  1. XP Events
  2. VIP Events

XP Events

Challenge events can now increase the amount of XP earned for completing each room and defeating each boss.

VIP Events

Some challenge events will be available to VIP members only.

Custom Reward Lists

The Reward Lists for challenge events are now fully customizable. Each reward item on the list can be changed compared to the standard list for that challenge.

For example, a Coin event may feature only coins in the Reward List; a Gem event may replace some Gear rewards with extra Gems; or a Gear event may feature only weapons.

Review the Reward List to see what kinds of rewards are available!

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We are constantly reviewing the game’s performance and player feedback.

  • The FURY ability now repeats the entire attack effect
  • “Level Up Ready” bug that appears after defeating a Boss in Challenge Mode has been fixed
  • Certain quest objectives are no longer collected twice
  • Durnan’s card sale offers appear at the correct time


  • Updated critical animations for all heroes
  • Added an “Out of Range” error message when selecting targets for an attack
  • Fixed various performance and connection bugs

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It’s sad to see that the forum admins and developers are still not listening to the community.

There’s not enough gold or xp to progress, simple as that.

My ranger has been stuck at level 11 since November. I’ve gained 31000+ XP on him since then and am still not even close to 12. I use him in every single dungeon and have upgraded all of his equipment.

Why did you guys have to change the entire structure of the game? It was completely perfect. Now it’s just not possible to progress without spending thousands of dollars.

I’ve been holding out hope but it’s painfully obvious that no one is listening.


…and your Quest fix appears to have badly broken quests. I had two quests in progress when this update went through. Now I can’t progress on either. The counter on the quest for using offensive abilities appears to have actually gone down by one after playing a number of rounds, and the counter on the quest for defeating Mighty opponents resets to 0 every time the application is exited and restarted. It’s like you completely failed to check that the save function on quests even works.

Since quests are one of the few ways to reliably make a reasonable amount of money, this completely removes the biggest gain in playing the game. Don’t wait for the next sprint to fix this, fix it now. I won’t bother playing until it’s fixed because there is no point.

While it’s expected that any enhancements or bug fixes will introduce new bugs, there have been a number of bugs, like this one, that should have never gotten past unit testing, let alone system testing, to make it to the beta testers.

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Same with me, i had the “Use defensive abilities to help allies”, it was at 82 out of 155. So i stood for 30min skipping LOTS of turns to try to complete it in 1 round and it did… Yet when i came out of the dungeon and when back to the quest menu, i could see it “completed” but everytime i clicked to get the reward, i got a message stating an error has happened: try to reconnect.
After i clicked on “OK” i just brought me back to the main screen and i could go back to the quest menu and try that completion button, but it did the same effect. I tried closing the app and re-open it: i am back at 82/155 just like before my grind.

And i agree with you, this is one of the only way of getting money in this game and they need to fix this ASAP and not in 2-3 months like they are used to.

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Hey Paul-Andre_Panon, thanks for letting us know this. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can investigate this further? Thanks!


Tim from support suggested a number of things to try. Most of them were not applicable, but rebooting/power cycling the phone was one suggestion that worked for me.

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I started playing after a five month break. I wanted to see if anything had improved since they messed it up last year. Gonna take another break soon. They obviously want money, but broke the already grinding game in doing so. Why not charge for the game and get cash up front? More entertaining to watch players complain and quit???