The BATTLES & BRAWLS update adds a new way to play Warriors of Waterdeep: BATTLE MODE! Now you can battle other Warriors of Waterdeep players in PVP combat!


In Battle Mode, you lead a party of 4 heroes randomly selected from your roster into an arena to battle another player’s group of heroes. The winning player earns Trophies and a Battle Chest as a reward, while the defeated player loses Trophies.

Trophy Points unlock higher-ranked arenas, which offer a better prize pool.

Unlocking Battle Mode

Battle Mode is unlocked when two conditions are met:

Starting Battle Mode

To enter Battle Mode, tap the Battle button in the Adventure tab of the Yawning Portal.

The current Arena appears in the list. Tap the info button to view additional details about the Arena and the available Battle chests.

Tap Fight to search for an opponent and begin.


You are matched with an opponent in the same arena/based on your trophy count.

Once the opponent is found, the initiative dice are rolled.

Your team color is BLUE. Your opponent’s team color is RED.

The player with the highest result takes the first action.


Battles take place in new arenas set in the locations of Warriors of Waterdeep.

Each arena contains five zones. The teams start in the middle, within attacking range of each other. Your opponent’s RED team starts at the top; your BLUE team starts at the bottom.

All heroes gain the BLOCK ability for the duration of their first action. The BLOCK ends after their action is taken.

All heroes have a 25% chance to RESIST the following abilities: DISARM, IMMOBILE, KILL and STUN. If the RESIST succeeds, the effect fails.

Turn Order

Each player takes alternating turns, starting with the player who won the initiative.

The turn order for the heroes is random, as shown in the turn indicator.

Time Limit

You have 10 seconds to choose the action for the active hero. If the timer runs out, your hero moves ahead one zone, if possible, and then the timer for your next action is set to 5 seconds.

Heroes are unable to skip their action.

Ending the Game

The battle ends when all heroes on one team have been defeated.

If the battle lasts 3 minutes without a winner, zones in the arena burst into flame. Heroes standing in the flames have their MAX HP reduced. In this case, the battle ends when there is a clear winner.

Players cannot quit a battle in progress. If the player is accidentally disconnected, they can reconnect to the game if time remains


There are three rewards for a Battle victory: Trophy Points, Battle Chests, and Brawl Chests.

Trophy Points

The winning player earns Trophy Points for their victory and the defeated player loses Trophy Points for their defeat.

Battle Chests

The winning player is also given a random Battle Chest for their reward. The number and kind of rewards in a Battle Chest depend on the chest type and the arena level.

Battle Chests are time-locked. Players can start the timer to open a Battle Chest from the available chest slots in the Yawning Portal. The amount of time required depends on the rarity of the chest. When the timer is complete, the chest can be opened for free.

Players can also spend gems to open a chest instantly. The cost depends on the amount of time remaining.

If the player starts a battle when all their chest slots are full, they will not receive a new chest in the event of a victory, but will receive all other rewards.

Brawl Chests

With every battle victory, players earn one point towards unlocking the Brawl Chest displayed in the Yawning Portal.

When the Brawl Chest gauge is full, the player can open the chest immediately and collect a reward. The Brawlmaster chest immediately goes on a 24-hour cooldown until it resets.

However, the player can continue earning points for battle victories and receive a second reward: either a coin bundle, or an additional chest (VIP only). This second reward must be collected before the cooldown timer ends. If the second reward is collected, then no more Brawl chest rewards can be collected until the timer ends.

Challenges are no longer the same length of 15 rooms. We’ve adjusted the length of the early challenges to keep the play time of the different game modes roughly equivalent:

  • Sharpstone Keep - 9 rooms (2 rooms + Boss room) x3
  • Frostsilver Mines - 9 rooms (2 rooms + Boss room) x3
  • Hidden Forge - 12 rooms (3 rooms + Boss room) x3
  • Harvestshield Mountain - 12 rooms (3 rooms + Boss room) x3

The contents of the New Hero and Equipment packs earned as Renown rewards have been updated and improved. Each Renown reward contains a greater number and variety of cards.


Hero abilities have been rebalanced in order to ensure that the playing field in Battle Mode is balanced and consistent with the Explore and Challenge modes.

Calliope Gear Updates

Pirate’s Scarf

Farideh Gear Updates

\ 144x200 Wanderer’s Laurel

Halbenet Gear Updates

\ 142x197 Moonfall’s Shroud

Naomlen Gear Updates

\ 148x205 Faceless eyes of Zhentarim

Raika Gear Updates

Tracks of the Enraged Snake

Saarvin Gear Updates

Mountaineer’s Hood

Shevarith Gear Updates

Rashemi Hood

Tommus Gear Updates

Guard’s Boots


  • Fixed various performance and connection bugs

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There is so much wrong stuff about this update:

1 - the non responsible tap/screen bug hasn’t been fixed.

2 - you nerfed wizard for the PVP function of the game which makes the pve impossible.

3 - You did change the difficulty of rooms and stuff but nothing is to scale. I mean previous to this patch i had the first 4 dungeons on easy farm and the last one up to room 10. Now the first 2 are easy, 3 one i am rushing to survive and fourth one i need IMMENSE luck to survive and get to the second boss (room 8) because i get to face lv 18 monsters on room 7… I haven’t even tried the fifth dungeon as it must be unbearable.

4 - the new battle system, even if its called PVP, is not because we are facing NPC’s and not real people. I can tell because if i get rooted and disarmed my characters can’t do anything and i need to wait 10sec to finish my turn as you took out the skip turn in this mode. Yet when i do that to enemy’s they do not need to wait half a second.

5 - there are bugs in the battle system, here is a list:

a - sarvin dmg numbers on his legendary bow proc

b - all of the normal weapon procs are almost at 0% when all your teamates are alive but start to get 25% when teamates starts to die… exemple: my warlock’s weapon (rod of the pact keeper’s proc chance is 75%) and i haven’t seen a single proc until at least 2 of my teamates are dead. I mean the 75% proc chances not procing for over 100 hits? hmm, not very high… yet i am still on my streak! I must be the luckiest guy in the world as it’s lower than 0.000000000003%

c - this is a continuation of B, as enemy’s get the same benefit and on multiple occasions did i get 4v1 killed by a tommy with the legendary sword that attacks my entire party every turn for roughly 1K. I mean what are the chances that a 50% proc chances trigger 8 times in a row? It’s 3.9% i doubt this really happens every single time I face them.

d - turns order change when someone dies (on your team): exemple, my archer is supposed to go next after the enemy does his move. The enemy Wizard kills my bard which was supposed to be my #2 after the archer. Now it should be my archer… but i don’t know why, because they killed the barb… all of the turns get randomly rerolled and sometimes it will still be my archer’s move, but more often than not it will go to another one of my characters. More often than I can count i had a hero “disarmed for 1 turn” yet he couldn’t get it off because he kept been pushed back to the end of the hero’s turn rotation and ended up dead. It does the same on enemy’s team when i kill them (only reroll’s their rotation, not mine).

I am done for now, i am sure some more will comeback to mind soon. I’ve ran over 150 battle mode games this week end and tested it, and yes it is nice and added the timer chest back in which i Like a lot, but lots of calibrations are in order.


I agree with all the points except 3. I am having more problems with the 3rd dungeon than the 4th. The Hidden Forge final boss is so RNG based, and while Harvestshield boss hits hard, the damage is steady, not random. I have not faced any level 18’s doing Harvestshield, I have seen level 17’s, but usually then it is only one or two mobs, and they can be CC’d then killed.

The rerolling initiative sucks, I have lost several of battles because of it. Also the Hunter’s Legendary bow is broken as hell. 4-5k crits on my entire team. There is something wrong there. And yeah, they need to clarify the proc system, its…not fun.