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Update 9/29 closed!5/4 rewards The Raptor Brotherhood is recruiting, one spot open

UPDATE 9/29: we need 1 new active battler.

The Raptor Brotherhood is looking for very active members. We are a 5/4 alliance striving to be 5/5. You must be an active battler. No casual members!

We have organized sanctuaries and a discord for friendly tournaments and DNA trade.
You must be active daily and battle everyday. You must be at least level 13+ & 3000 trophies to join.

Find me on discord Rachelodon#3917

Bumping this thread.

Hi I am interested to enter to the aliance I am very active and I also play a lot. I am level 11 and 2041 trophies my name of player is Alex1526 and my identification code is #3693

Talk to you on discord!

We are on track to 5/4!! We need 3 more active people!!!

I’am interested in joining your alliance. I’m level 12 and I play every day. I don’t quite have 2000 trophies yet but I’m over 1500.

Sent you a Discord, it’s Old Man Hikari #6036
And my JWA name is TheDinoWrangler

One spot left!!! We are 1/3 to rank 5 and 2 days left!!!

Is it still free? lvl 20, active daily player

Do you have discord?

Need more darters!!!

Yes, Kiejdris #1619

Bumping this thread, we have an opening

Te envie solicitud soy warbeast

Can i join it please? my username is Harry#5013 plus im active
and does daily battles everyday an
d really needs a alliance and i also sent u a discord friend request my username on discord is Grant#5471

Bumping this thread we have one opening left, will go fast!

Any spots left? reaverf24#3493 is my name!

Discord is reaverfx24#0065 if there’s space! I’m very active and contributed a lot to my last alliance!

Sent you a friends request on discord

Accepted :slightly_smiling_face:

Bump we have 2 spots for 2 very active battlers.