Update 9 - Reactions & Roster

D%26D_update9 REACTION & ROSTER update adds two new features to Battle Mode: a roster system to let players choose which heroes are available to be randomly selected for battle, and an emote system to let players react to events on the battlefield!


The Battle Roster appears at renown level 5 when players unlock their fifth hero. When players open the Heroes tab in the game, they see two sections: PARTY and ROSTER.

  • The PARTY section lets players choose the heroes who will be used in Explore and Challenge mode.

  • The ROSTER section lets players choose which heroes will be available for random selection in Battle mode.

To swap heroes in the Battle Roster, drag the hero from the list at the bottom of the screen and replace one of the existing heroes. The order the heroes appear in the Battle Roster has no bearing on their random selection.

New Battle Roster slots are unlocked at Renown level 8, 10, and 12, until you have eight heroes available for random selection.

NewHero D%26D_RLnotes9_Emotes
Emotes are now available in Battle mode to let you greet your opponent, comment on their actions, or curse the roll of the dice!

Open the emote list at any time during the match and select the dragon expression that suits the occasion…but the timer doesn’t stop while you’re making your choice!


  • Overall difficulty rebalancing in Explore mode
  • Faster startup times, especially on older devices
  • Fixed various performance and connection bugs

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How can we remove characters from our battle roster. I had all 8 pre-selected after upgrade. Pretty much a useless feature for me unfortunately.

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Did you make the last boss on hidden forge harder? The fire dmg before was like 1,720 dmg, and now over 1,900

Regardless of A/C.

Why make this dmg even greater? Makes no sense to me!

This is a really disappointing update. Emotes are fine, but just let us choose which warriors we want to bring into battle! Why is that such a difficult concept?

Honestly I like the random for pvp, makes me use all my heroes, and makes it more interesting (albeit frustrating on a bad combo occasionally).

I think them allowing some time before a hero is put on roster is fair.

I literally had 4 hero’s I never used and didn’t care about equipment drops before the pvp was added.

So as much as I get the idea of wanting to pick a team, I think having a random team makes it more interesting and makes you strategize on the fly based on random lineup.

I wish they would clarify the intent of proc rates in pvp, and hopefully the dragonborne legendary doesn’t kill everyone in one proc anymore. That was the one thing that annoyed me the most. 4 heroes with full or near full health, all dead in one dragonborne proc.


Other things updated that were are not in the patch notes:

The Multi-Attack for the Rogue’s weapons now roll individually for each attack. Before if you missed with the Legendary Daggers you missed all four times. Now if you miss your first attack the other three attacks can be hits or even crits.

The proc rate on the Barbarian’s Epic Spear seems to be fixed. I think I had it proc once in two weeks before, and now it procs about once a PvP battle. With the increase in healing it provides I might even use him in some challenges just for a change of pace.