Update Affecting Rural Play


The new update is amazing for those of us who are rural, it really makes a difference to have so many green spots now!! Literally today out hunting took around 40 minutes off my driving time as I didn’t have travel 20 miles to a place with them.

One little issue though, is that I can’t seem to be able to spin the green event box once I have maxed out on the event attempts. Wherever I press the green spinner it just takes me to the dino that is spawned there and tells me I am maxed.


Seems to happen with the Flying Dino’s green stops, I’ve been able to spin the green stops that have land dinos on them.


Hi @TJay,

We’re glad that you’re enjoying some of the new changes from the latest update! We’ll make sure to take a closer look at the Enhanced Supply Drops and share the info with our Developers. Thanks!