Update Albertospinos because it is still subpar

When you guys do your balancing next update, can you please make Albertospinos usable.
It is very very painful, that it was never good, and when it was updated in 2.14, it was still substandard.
Now, with the appearance of Albertocevia which also uses that exclusive Albertosaurus DNA, it feels even more painful.
We used up our precious Alberotsaurus to make a “Superduperhybrid”
It was a super hybrid legendary in Spinotasuchus plus the Albertosauus.
And it is subpar in the current environment.

Albertospinos and Trodoboa came out in update 2.13. That was this January. they were both subpar even though they were new Superduperhybrids…
You updated Albertospinos a little bit with the stats in 2.14 although the removal of lethal swoop made it’s synergy worse. You can’t swoop in, and then swoop out.
Now maybe Albertospinos looks even worse because Albertocevia looks like a top tier dinosaur, but this is just a huge amount of sorrow and regret, that if people had never invested in Albertospinos, they might be flying high with Albertocevia right now.
Superduper hybrids you would think would be more powerful, but instead, it feels just like a giant waste of coins and fun.
Can we have more fun in this game and less constant tears and sorrow?


Nah, Albertospinos won’t earn money anymore, so what’s the point?

That was intended.
Remember Scorpius in 2.8, and then Indotaurus just 2 patches later, both using precious Carnotaurus?
That one wasn’t so much exclusive, but hey, Ludia is developing month after month :laughing:


Is the answer always going to be, this was deliberate and the developer does not care about the long term of the game and only short term gains? It really makes me sad.


The biggest buff that albertospinos would get is if ludia actually nerfed swap prevention.

Most uniques have it and it makes Spinos passive useless tbh.

I get it all the time with haast max, can lock them in for a free setup and they get the 50% swap.

I suggest that unqiues with 50% swap prevention get the immunity removed and dinos with 67% get buffed to 100%.

Back to albertospinos i think he is too specific in what he counters. Good vs testa and the bear but terrible vs everything else.


Right, but the problem is Testa and most likely the bear are already on their way out.


There are definitely a lot of unique creatures with swap prevention resistance. I do agree that some creatures need to just have that resistance removed (or replaced). Especially resilient creatures, as they should be countered by fierce creatures (which sometimes have swap prevention abilities).


I think Albertospinos is in a great spot right now. It’s about right in between Elite and Tyrant, a spot similar to Antarctovenator, Quetzorion, Stygidaryx, and Troodoboa. This means the creature isn’t literally everywhere yet is still a good niche option. And lets be honest, if it got another buff, you would see a nerf thread on the forums days later.


Of those 4, which ones do you claim that Albertospinos is equal to, uses the exclusive rare DNA that is harder to build to level 30 with again and Ludia sells for 100 dollars for 5000? Oh and you need about 75000 to get it to level 30, if you are lucky. If the answer is none while the others can be built with easily hunted DNA, than there is clearly a lack of equality. You can’t declare climbing Mount Everest is equivalent to taking a helicopter ride because they have similar views.

For me alberto could do with a partial stun resistance and a slight attack boost.
Mines half way to level 26 though ive paused while i fip the dna to unlock cevia.

Nailed it!!!

Honestly I don’t think albertospinus should have stun resistance. Too many unique Dino’s already have it. I do agree though he needs something to perform a little bit better.


How hard a creature is to get barely effects how good it is, and many creatures have proven that. The only reason most of the recent event exclusive uniques are super good is just to make money. Do you really want another barely balanced, meta defining creature you see on every single endgame team? I’m pretty sure it’s the last thing the game needs right now.

Spinos is fine IMO, Ludia just keeps introducing busted new creatures that outshine it. If it weren’t for giga-buffed Nantem & Hboa as well as Albertocevia, Spinos would be a pretty solid creature


it had a better swap in and maybe an on escape it would be better but im not talking phorurex good to the point where it wont get used because it will suffer a nerf i think we all remember the phorurex big nerf and it was bad they removed one thing and it went crashing down just like jenga

That is a misunderstanding :sweat_smile: Merciless alert swaps when threatened Merciless is basically just a buffed version of lethal swoop

depends on who you ask. yeah you can swoop out with it, but you’re taking a bigger gamble by having to be in that threshold to use that move and not be swapped in to since many creatures have swap prevention resistance. imo, bigger gamble for minimal gain.

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Based on what metrics? Your random declaration? The upper tier creatures are dominated with exclusive or hard to get creature DNA.

If I put the effort into a creature, I am not putting the effort into it, to place it on a shelf and look pretty. I want it to be viable in the play environment and usable… I don’t want it to be useless after 1 update.
When you buy a car, do you expect it to at least last a month? I don’t know about you, but if I bought a new car with all the latest bells and whistles, I would like it to be somewhat relevant and hold its value.
I don’t want to be told my the manufacture. Ooops sorry all those things that you thought were cool, like safety features and your turbo expired after a month. All you are saying is the manufacturer can’t be trusted.

It’s based on the easy-to-get tyrants like Indotaurus, Ankylodactylus, SR3, and even Daryx to an extent. It’s also based on the hard-to-get creatures that aren’t meta like Ceramagnus, Geminititan, Haast Maximus, Hadros Lux, Monolorhino, Ardentismaxima, Antarctovenator, Utarinex, and Quetzorion, all of which are raid exclusive or have an event exclusive ingredient. Why would I say something if I don’t have the facts to back it up?

“The only reason most of the recent event exclusive uniques are super good is just to make money”.

It’s not useless by any means, and like Troodoboa, Antarctovenator, and Quetzorion, it can be used very late into the game, just not shores (it’s the only arena people care about nowadays but whatevs). At least it has niches, unlike the majority of powercrept uniques. If you want an all-meta team, stop investing into it and use something else. Knowing Ludia/Jam City it was gonna get powercrept anyways. The only thing buffing Albertospinos does is leave you with another meta-defining tyrant you see on every single team. Not every new creature has to be that way.

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I believe you have contradicted your own argument by admitting it can’t be used in shores, which is what arena people care about.

As for that statement, I think that can be interpreted that there is going to be a cycle of every update something new will be better than everything before it, making what just came out the last update a useless product.
Which means the products can’t be trusted, because they are useless too quickly, which is a huge part of my entire argument and that Albertospinos should not be so useless since it was just released and then updated.

“Usable” was an overstatement. If it wasn’t usable whatsoever, over 20% of the top 50 players wouldn’t be running it still. It’s good, not overpowered, which is how it should stay.