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Update and Journey


I just opened the app after the latest update and only noticed something strange when I looked around Berk.

Stormfly Mummy, Snoggletog Meatlug, Barf & Belch, Death Scaled Hookfang, and Grump were all home, but none had any search items to collect. They were all searching when I closed the app last night.

Has anyone else encountered this?


I just went back in and both Stormfly and Meatlug have each completed their journey after being sent out once this morning. A weird, but thankfully, short glitch.


Yes and if you have multiple devices, than it also shows that for every device you update the game on, the runes aren’t even returned to you.

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A lot of players have experienced this glitch (including me). I would kind of understand if it happened only once because of the update, but for this to happen randomly, and with no apparent cause, would just annoy players to no end. Especially since anything spent on these Journeys would just be lost. A hotfix for this soon would really be appreciated.

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