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UPDATE: Apex Predators Looks forward to Open Skilled Tournament (thank you for Update Patch 1.7 Ludia)

It is with great regret that we at Apex Predators have decided to boycott the upcoming OPEN SKILLED tournament until the new trophy system is fixed. We did not come to this decision lightly. We thought about this in depth and the sad conclusion is that the current algorithm does not work as it penalizes all the hard work a player puts into their battles . We cannot have a tournament that uses this algorithm. We are hardcore players who REALLY love this game and have invested so much into it…both time and money. Apex Predators has been impressed by Ludia’s JWA content and regular updates, but ,again,we are very disappointed with the current trophy system. PVP is one of the reasons why we enjoy this game so much. Apex is always playing! We absolutely hate the fact that we wont be in this tournament but we cannot support a broken demoralizing system.

I’m sure we share the same sentiment with most of the players here. We call for those who agree with us to do the same. We need to be one in this call for change.

ApexPredators Admin Group. @practicekat @Idgt902 @Marktheshark @quakeur @Legomin1314


Let’s back track!

Wym tournament

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While I respect what you are doing… I feel like this is gonna increase participation in this tournament cause less competition from you guys means a higher chance at finishing top 500.


So not everyone can join the tournament

I don’t think you would have been in much concern finishing top 500 without us. 66%+ of our alliance is top 250


Is there a way to opt out of tournaments? If so, count me in.

Apex is speaking for all players- Ludia please fix the problems before they escalate more.


Im not talking from a personal perspective… im talking in a every single seasonal pvp winner is now sitting this out and others are gonna see opportunity in your absence.


Ludia- I understand that any new update is not going to be perfect and will have unforeseen developments. @Ludia_Developers- The wisest decision would be to DELAY the tournament until the trophy system and glitches are fixed and ALL PLAYERS CAN LOG IN to even have the ability to participate. The player base would definitely be so appreciative and would prefer to wait for something better. Thank You.


Ludia locks the ingredients for 4 new hybrids behind arena incubators. So of course everyone wants to battle. Open incubators and play the lottery. But as it is now we are penalized for building, lvling and boosting our teams. If you wanted an arena specifically for farming incubators just say so. Why keep a trophy count? We are all competitive and prideful ppl. This system is frustrating and demoralizing.


clue me in please. why are you penalized?


Isn’t this tournament for the use of non hybrid common, rare and epic dino’s? And everyone will be playing with friendly battle level 26’s? I thought this one would be kind of fun to play in being I pretty much play level 10 commons and rares on my 2nd account all the time. I know what dino’s I would use and might actually do well.

This tournament has nothing to do with arena trophy levels. Also everyone at all levels have a chance, not just people who have played from the beginning and now going to have OP stat boosted level 30’s.

I would sign on to a PvP boycott till they get this mess fixed. I may just stop PvP all together again anyway like I had done last December till this alliance mission thing started. Now that most everyone in my alliance don’t give a :poop: about the missions, no big deal.

I may do this Tournament.


I did 76 battles today. Lost 7 battles. Won 69. I am -293 trophies from where I started this morning. So basically if I had an unboosted or underlvled team I would have a higher chance to climb. Because every win would net more trophies


I think apex doesn’t like it because they have no upper hand compared to the average player that doesn’t necessarily spend money on the game.

Regardless how much money/time you put into the game, it’s an equal playing field


that was my first thought. lower my levels or rarity(score). i see its not friendly to yall up top. maybe they want new top players?

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And I agree. It is killing me not to participate. But this is more important to me. Ppl may not notice the problem yet. But when it happens to them. They will notice. It is almost impossible to advance once you reach a certain place/team lvl.


Ok so I’m by far nowhere near the top, the highest I’ve got is in top 200 and that was yesterday, but winning several matches for 1-10 trophies and losing 1 match and dropping 59 trophies is crazy. I thought the point of this was to take team level and strength into play, but I’m fighting comparative teams but at lower levels so if I lose I get crushed in trophies. You can’t ever gain back what you lose unless you go on a huge winning streak! This needs to be fixed! And the timeouts during matches are 10 times worse than pre-1.7…


Sean- We posted this knowing that we would get these kind of responses and are okay with it. There will be those that think like you and it is what it is. The bottom line is- we are trying to help the game and all players with this action. The tournament is occurring at a time when the app is not functioning well at all. Constant timed out matches in addition to the ineffective algorithm. Not to mention the issues outside the arena. Think about it- you just paid $100 to compete in this tournament which starts in 1 day. As it stands now, many of your battles will time out and you will lose without even being there. That alone is not acceptable.


Just to be clear, we are doing this not because we lost our playing advantage. We are actually very excited to have that tournament coz it will be a challenge to play everyone in even fields. This post is purely a call for change to current trophy system in PVP coz it’s very frustrating.