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UPDATE [Calendar] Jan 13 - Jan 19, 2020

:dragon_face::closed_book: Adventurers, We’ve made some changes to the Event Calendar.

Update: Heroic Adventure! Complete each stage and earn rewards!

The developers have decided to merge 6 separate Challenge Events into 1 Heroic Adventures Event, with only 48 hours available for completion. This seems somewhat unreasonable as each individual Challenge Event usually provide 1 or 2 full days for completion.

I do not think 48 hours is adequate time to complete 6 events. Assuming the average player may commit 1 or 2 hours to WoW per day, this limited time frame seems unreasonable.

[Notes on Comments: (1) I have not completed the event and my comments assume the each challenge will function similar to a Challenge Event. (2) My comments are based on players like myself who use the app from the Android or Apple Store, rather than the developer-side app. (3) This is a re-post of thoughts which were recently deleted by the mods]

I have completed the event in 3 hours

@Orloch what is a developer-side app?

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Fizbanius Congrats on finishing. I usually take my time to maximize my return on these events, but that does not seem possible with this iteration. I did not think it could be completed so quickly.

Unfortunately I am not qualified to comment on the developer version of this app. I do not have access to the version used by Ludians and insiders. Like most unaffiliated users, I utilize the version available from Android Play.

I use the Android app too Orloch

For the gem/gold levels, it seems that a 20 will clear it. For the equipment, the 13 and 18 slots clear it with a bunch of commons.

So the gate to pass it seems lower than usual.

I do recommend spending some time to optimize returns on the gem levels by trying to finish with a 20 after getting close to the limit.

I haven’t finished it yet, but it seems as variable and time consuming as the Tests of Mights. I think overall it’s less stressful since there isn’t a timer and the player has a decent degree of agency.


I’ve got one to go. Have been expecting rewards at end of each challenge. Hope they are just saving them until the end since so far haven’t seen them.

I’m also milking the last level for max returns. If you can finish Lightfinger, then don’t think the 48 hour clock is all that bad. But I do play frequently. I could see a more casual player who also wanted to do everything else (all free challenges, 20 hero kill boxes, etc) having some problems with time if they wanted to max returns. If they just wanted to finish or be more selective on which challenges were worth maxing returns, than it probably wouldn’t be too bad, it can’t say for sure.

Update: Heroic Adventure! Complete each stage and earn rewards!

Is there a reward at the end, or is this just a bunch of stacked heroics you have to play through to get to the next one?

No reward at the end. But the rewards for each challenge are actually quite nice in total.

I did not get a reward at end. The original post about these events said there was a grand prize. Another misleading fail from Ludia.

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This is probably a stupid question and I may have already figured out the answer but before I try to go any further I want to make sure. I spent 5 gems on the second stage of this adventure, beat all 9 rooms and chose a prize but it did not open up the 3rd stage. I see that it says 0/1850 coins. Am I suppose to collect those coins to move on? It doesn’t actually say that anywhere that I have seen and I assumed it was just the max possible you could win just like in a special challenge stage.

If you actually have to collect that to advance it would have been nice if they had said so. I took gear instead of coins not realizing that the point of that stage was to collect coins

Yes. Fill up the quota to close the current stage and move onto the next.

The challenges are all at 3X reward level, which is equivalent to the usual VIP Monday cost/reward ratio.

Ok thank you. Once I didn’t move on just by beating the level I assumed that must be it, but with Ludia’s track record on clarity, I just wanted to be sure

And yes it was a stupid question :wink: