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Update comes out?

Some players already have update but me (EU) still not, can i expect it in a future hours?

What update?

some ppl already have a new main screen with tricera boss i am still have that one with omega

Isn’t trike boss on the lading screen with omega?
I did have to download something when I logged in for like 100mb but my loading screen hasn’t changed


Just went to ludia game site and it doesn’t show a update here is a picture not sure what you are talking about

some on fb already had update, its propably bec it dont release still in all countries

Ludia has not even mentioned a update I think someone is pulling your leg

If you subcrible jjwtg newsletter via email there are word about update


The update should be coming out some time this month, would be great if it’s coming out today/this week.

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I do get the news letter I know about it happening in March but the picture you showed is from the news letter not the actual update that’s why I said someone is pulling your leg

As I say - that same pictur will be on main screen after update.:slight_smile:

I was asked to pass on a note that Update 50 is coming soon, and may actually already be available in some Ap Stores. It does appear to be out for Android US, as there is an update in my Ap Store. Release Notes are to be published tomorrow morning.


This is you saying that players already have the update again that is why I commented no harm meant

Thx, thats explains why some on fb has it already

Got it! Available in Czechia now


Yeah I got it too, theres more badges to collect now


Sneak peak on juggernaut stats aswell, that extra health will definitely help in boss runs (hes not available for purchase just yet)


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Pictures of new badges