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[Update] Developer Feedback:


@Jorge @Ned @J.C @Sara
A picture is worth a thousand words…


They created an account hoping for some feedback. Then they just saw the “nerf omg please I don’t use it” type of posts every day and they were like :


Too bad :disappointed:


Ludia you have shown that we do not matter. You can only play a game soo much before you get bored and move on esp when management dont treat customers nicely

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As I said it many times, they can’t care less about players, feedbacks, fixing bugs or creating good content.

To be honest, now I don’t care about them neither.


Wow they literally just joined the forum after 1 year the game is created and only viewed 1 thread and posted once.

So the forum is basically useless.


Well… It has only been a little over a month since they created that account. Maybe they’ll post again in 11 months?


Guys, the dev’s don’t have time to be posting every day. They made the account last time cause there was a major problem that they wanted to address with you guys directly. They read most of these post but as they share an account they don’t log in to it to read comments and topics.

Us mods, the support guys and community managers also make sure that the important stuff gets escalated. Which I think we have been consistent about.

Furthermore, what’s not in this picture is all the threats that that account received after activation. A major deterrent if I’ve ever seen one.


Well anyone receiving threats don’t deserve that sort of behaviour, even though Ludia make decisions that completely go against the players opinions they still don’t deserve any type of threats or abuse. Shame on anyone that did that sort of thing.

But as you say the Mods, support and community managers make sure important stuff gets escalated, have any of our feedback on the weekly changes been escalated?


Threat! Sorry but do you meant criticism?


I assume you’re talking about the weekly event changes? In which case yes, they are aware of the general displeasure of the community.


That’s certainly good to hear then!


They are aware but don’t care.


:rofl: understatement of the century …

On a more serious note, anyone threatening Ludia’s employers (or indeed anyone) should receive a significant ban from the forums and from the game - there is no excuse whatsoever for that sort of behaviour.


Threats :joy: how ridiculous


gonna go ahead guarantee that they don’t log out of their account. no one does.
so the real time stats are going to be accurate for the last month

1 topic viewed… their own
1 day visited
2 minute read time

right in line with their surverys of “what do you all want?”… "well that’s great, but too bad cuz we’re doing something else. why we bother asking… is anyone’s guess " :joy:


:rofl: That was pretty funny @CleverBoy, which is why you are the clever one.

There are always meeting to be held. Coffee and tea to be drank. Snacks, cookies, crumpets and cakes to be eaten. Ludia is coming up with something, I believe it.


I honestly don’t buy that. When I played City of Heroes, a MMO RP game, the devs not only posted in their forum, but also gave us patch notes BEFORE updates hit, shared interviews, and played the game along side the players.

What you mean to say is the devs don’t want to post. We also had a test server where you could copy your characters to and try out new content before it went live.

Do I expect the devs to have that kind of commitment to this game? No, but they don’t make any comments and make stealth chamges to the game without a word.


the question though is why is this in the defeats/victories category :joy:

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By intent

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We’ve had our feedback listened to on some points long before that account was made. Anyone expecting a sudden change in what seems to be a corporate policy of bare minimum communication had way to high expectations. And most likely that account is to be used under extreme circumstances.

We all know Ludia update their events during patch.
I for one believe they did not make these changes to events back when they were announcing it… my app was last updated back in March… but this event rework was likely implemented in 1.6 and the duration of the events for this patch will follow this format. I could be wrong but events are in the apk… which means the earliest were gonna see a possible change is 1.7. They just gave us a grace period of alliance missions and old event structure before the change so we didnt connect the dots that alliance missions are exceeding their comfort zone of dna we obtain and a change needed to be made.

Im not saying that this isnt an extreme circumstances in which it may be time to use thst account again… or that the event rework isnt one of the worse changes ive ever seen a game make because it is

But expecting that account to become more active then the community manager when that account was clearly a pr move. Or expecting sudden changes… over an event rework thats most likely been sitting on our phones since 1.6 went live or at the very latest was added with the alliance mission fix patch… maybe thats what they needed that extra week for.