Update Dinos

For those who have been playing the game for a while we are starting to see some of our favorite dinosaurs fall into irrelevance. Not because of nerfs or anything like that but because every new dinosaur has so many different things going on with them that the more simple older dinosaurs just don’t have enough to compete.

Now while I like a lot of the new additions they are so well designed and interesting but the original uniques like Maxima Thor and spinoconstrictor are getting simply out matched by Skoona indotaurus and troodoboa.


The only thing you’re wrong about is Spinocon. It’s the most used snake in the arena and got the buff it deserved from release without being too opressive. Back to topic we’ve been saying this for ages now but unfortunately every dino as old as Tryko and Indoraptor will be likely forgotten as more updates come. They’ll probably release a new fusable apex and easy to grind unique the next patch that will top/counter Vasilas and Ankylos and repeat the cycle with more dinos thrown to obscurity


It’s true that Spinocon isn’t irrelevant, but don’t forget that one main reason it isn’t is because it got that buff recently. It’s actually a great example in favor of the kinds of buffs to some of the older dinos that the OP is suggesting (not that you disagree with the OP).

Of course, stopping or slowing the trend of new dinos continuously outclassing the older ones (power creep) would also help older dinos retain relevance.


I agree 100% with the op. I wanna use Vexus for the longest time. But we all know that is likely very far from happening


I don’t like the idea of Mega-hybrids, It just had taken the DNA collection system to a rIdIcOlOuS level… I would say remove them, change ingredients of Albertospinos and troodoboa, and make ankylos lux and arctovasilas original apexes rather than a mega-hybrid.


Personally fusable apexes should be 1. Made of 4 ingredients at most and 2. Should definitely drop the idea of mega hybrids altogether if resources and DNA allocation is this scarce and ridiculous. Fusable apexes should be mostly legendary hybrids and another legendary hybrid. Maybe even normal hybrid uniques like CompC which is even dumber when CompC is literally asking to be fused for an apex and gets ignored 2/3 times. It’s ridiculous CompC is the only unique that you originally held back on leveling up because of hybrid potential then every unique becomes scary to even get past 25 because of how tedious grinding becomes when you least expect it. Dear devs/management, this is not how we were asking old dinos to be relevant again. We asked for Dio to get a balanced rework, not to be a gateway for something ridiculous and forgotten beyond that.

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Infact this is the problem with introducing apexes in the 1st place. The ceiling got so high that the standard of which actually deserves to be relevant based on ingredients/rarity was blown out of the roof that uniques and apexes are constantly struggling to be superior without making the other irrelevant. The idea of both rarities being niche/equal was almost there but now is completely thrown out of the window. The class system making rules which the meta ignores anyway adds to this insanity. The “rules” are constantly changed which leaves the playerbase little time to cope with both gameplay wise and expectation wise

My mention of spinocon was more so that before it’s buff no one used it and because I was thinking what creature one would replace with troodoboa

Exactly true. New creatures & their new movesets are crazy strong that they’re completely rivaling the attack nature of existing movesets of older creatures. Even a new rare has more resistances compared to the older uniques with just 1-2 resistances.

When they’re introducing new moves, they should analyse how this will affect the existing movesets - but they don’t really care. They just introduce a new creature, followed by the premium incubator to buy that.