Update dracocera

Now, I’m a fool DRACONOOB too! Ho! Ho! Ho!


She’s beautiful. :heart_eyes:


Yeah, but I don’t wanna use it cuz It’s really boring swapping and killing the others dino really easily.

The more of players abuse of that cuz you have more possibilities by keeping the victory.


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You should not be proud of that men


Then don’t use it. Enough with calling people noobs just because they use it when it is Ludia that gave it to us.

The phrase you’re looking for is “disgusting little game parasite.”


I see so many players misuse Dracoceratops that I can’t really consider it a noob’s creature…

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Very easy to get to that level xd. Don’t have to try that hard. Mine is 400/400 lvl 22 (bench not used)

With over 100k tri gen 2 (I noticed more of these on the map since alliance rewards changed) saw about 6 at one time. So still easy af.

Over 30k draco g2. Passed on 10 of them today so far.


Exactly! Like I said, “I DON’T WANNA USE IT” cuz It’s so boring winning easily just swapping a dino. I have a dino’s team without dracocera :wink:

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What are u talking about?

Just found a rat at my local gas station lol


Stop making threads about it then. We get it. :joy:


He does it because he already uses it, always has, and always wants to. :joy:

I don’t use it. I don’t wanna to be a draconoob

Yeah mama!

You do use it, you can’t fool us. You used boosts on it because you use it.

If you call people that use Draco noobs, then what does that make someone that wastes boosts on Draco when they don’t use it…

Yeah, we all know you use it. Just admit it.


It actually looks like a rat from that angle.

I use the boosts cuz I will use it Just when I’ll be on the firsts 500 players in the world. I’m really near but it’s not the moment.
I’ll use that just in that moment cuz everyone use that and everyone (the firsts 500) has a major chance by winning.

Now, I play without this stupid dino and I’m really proud. :blush:

Stop talking that stupid rat :rofl:

So you’ll use it then, even when you want to, welcome to the Draconoob club. :smile:

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