Update epic incubators

Dear ludia,
I was looking at the possible contents I’d an epic incubator amd saw that titanaboa, diplodocus, and wooly mammoth are not included. Yet wooly rhino and titanaboa gen 2 are. Please include these three missing epics. Thank you.


They actually won’t be included, they’re available only as exclusive events, so they won’t be in incubators anytime soon.


I mean cause of course

Carbonemys isn’t there either.

i never noticed that before.


Blue and allo gen 2 aren’t in there either

You know I wish they decide to be like “you know what let’s make all the dinos wild spawners”. But that would never happen unfortunately, some are just exclusive unfortunately… make it fair for the creatures Ludia, let the exclusive ones have fresh air and stop having the arena exclusives fight in the arenas, the tourneys to just not fight in tourneys, or have the sanc exclusive not be in sancs anymore… #givethedinosthefreshairtheydeserve.

They have to be exclusive otherwise, some players would have all the rarest dinos in very high level only 10 days after the new (not so exclusive) dino come out. Oh wait…