Update Feedback: I dislike how the rune reward from Exploration was nerfed

I used to get 3 runes from the 3-minute exploration with the free speed-up and now it’s down to 2 after the update.

What was the reason for this other than pushing more microtransactions? This isn’t how you pull more paying players tbh. I’ve spent like $20 because I really wanted to support the app I was having fun with… But idk if I’d be willing to spend again after this. That was shady. If anything, you should be adding rewards to encourage players to keep logging in.

I hope you can consider returning to the old payout.

Hey there dracarys, We have redistributed the runes into the game, you can now complete more Gobber’s Duties to get runes, you can watch videos when they are available to get runes as well. On our Facebook page we also give out runes daily. Just a few ways to get more runes!

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How about IAPs? Are those ever going to return to where they would eventually become good offers as opposed to the absolute garbage we’ve been getting? (75 runes? Really?) Right now it seems Ludia does not want me to make IAPs, ever.

Hi Rose, but we already have that before the update… The 3 runes from the 3-minute search was actually a decent means to make runes and now it’s nerfed. I use to get around 400 runes in an hour (usually doing something else like watching tv). Idk how much I’ll be getting now that it’s down to 2…