Is anyone at Ludia still working on this game? Not received any word in the longest time about new content or fixes (still game breaking bugs since launch). We would all love some news by now…


Update 1.4.23 was only October 11th - that’s only 3 weeks ago. Patch notes including bug fixes were in the announcements section.

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No major bug fixes were made. Minor minor fixes at best. Major ones include, but not limited to all the crashes, disconnects, instant victories, buttons not working in battle, etc.

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Kinda waiting on the same. Damage previews not working properly. Last night battled someone that used 3 different monominus. Defeated 3 Dino’s and battle kept going. Not to mention the superiority word changing but doesn’t do what it says now

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I have noticed much smoother gameplay since the recent update.

Much Less random disconnections,
And Shorter loading times

I’m a happier player now (except when opening arena epic incubators :sweat_smile:)



There was a post the other day about a major update coming in November and more tournaments…

A Ludia post? or someone hoping for that?

Wasn’t official as far as I know. We get our news from Ludia or Metahub and they have been quiet regarding any update on the horizon

P.s. that update thread is on Jurassic World The game… nothing for JWA at all.


They really need to fix the damage preview. They should be embarrassed that it hasn’t even been touched since it’s been broken. Also, the stegodeus thagomizer glitch needs to be fixed. And the 2 minute countdown before matches that locks you there while your opponent plays without you needs to be replaced with something else. These are not minor glitches and should’ve been addressed immediately. They cost people matches constantly.


Hi @John !
These are some excellent idea we hope we can get fixed soon. Thanks for your assistance in these and other issues

My next one is almost here and it occurred to me earlier that I’m equal part looking forward to getting it and already disappointed thinking about what garbage will be in in. Hey, at least it won’t be a 12 hr :crossed_fingers:


My last 24 hour was one of the better incubators i got ever sure there was some irritator gen 2, and a bit of gypro… but i also got like 300 nodosaur, euphlo, and like 260 sino.