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Update: have now found an alliance thanks for the help

Hi, I’m looking for an alliance with active members, willing to donate DNA (I can understand little to no Irritator DNA from requests, but I think that you get the idea) and willing to do daily battles. I wouldn’t mind a talkative one as well, cos my present one isn’t very talkative

My account is
guystuff1 with the number #6920

Thanks in advance for any offers

Can i know your game lvl?

Level 17 going going on 18

Ok, my alliance DracoHunter can accept if u are active and willing to play alliance mission as PRIORITY.
U need to get into the alliance chat to be advised by me or others what to do.
Daily incubator battle is a MUST.
We are “super active” alliance.

That sounds great. Always focussing on the alliance missions and I play every day for quite a bit sounds great

I will join after collecting my Koolasuchus DNA from my old alliance, so like in an hour of so

ok. I will send invite to u now.
And i will “pm” u here for what u need to do, so u follow how the TEAM play ok.
Come back here to check my pm to u.

Once again thanks so much. I really appreciate all of this

Don’t understand, what mission is giving that DNA?

No it was a request

Maybe like to ask u first.
When we play mission, you cannot request anything u like, only after mission done, free requests, is it ok for u?

What do you mean by that

When the alliance mission start, the TEAM will focus on the mission requirement.
We will use a specific play to do the mission so all can complete mission ASAP.

Like if I wanted Tany, I could only get it after the collect 100 000 common DNA mission is done. If so yeah, that’s fine

Yep. Perfect

That’s great, invite will send u now.
I will PM u here to explain how we play, be sure u come back here to understand.

Just collected the Koolasuchus g2 DNA so yeah, I am good to go

u need to LEAVE your alliance for me to invite u.
Or u can search DracoHunter and send your request.

Done it