Update Idea: Return to Sorna

Here is my idea for a new update based around isla sorna!

new dinosaurs

Brachiosaurus gen 2: common

Corythosaurus: Common

Mamenchisaurus: rare

Ceratosaurus: epic

All of these dinosaurs appeared on isla sorna in The Lost World: Jurassic Park and
Jurassic Park 3

New Skins

T-rex: Buck Rex(The Lost World)

T-rex gen 2: Doe Rex (The Lost World)

Velociraptor: Tiger striped (The Lost World)

Parasaurolophus (The Lost World)

Ankylosaurus (Jurassic Park 3)

Creature Changes

Rexy’s dominant roar move now only increases speed by 10% and increases damage by 10% making battles more fair for all players.


Can you please show the stats, abilities, and resistances of the new creatures

Only the decrease in speed is needed. Decreasing Damage buff is unnecessary.


Dude the creatures for this update would be immaculate, we need Cerato at some point

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I 100% agree. I feel like the jurassic franchise creatures should have priority over every other creature. We really need the dinos from movies in the game!
One thing about Buck, Doe and Junior is i would really like them as a flock :sweat_smile:. Seriously, if it could be balanced it would be sooo cool to se them!


I also really like this idea of bringing in more movie skins! I love that Velociraptor

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