[UPDATE IDEA] The Biggest Update

Note: This is not an official update in case you easily get confused.

Hello fellow dinosaur trainers. The Biggest Update is finally here!

New Features

  • Land vs Aquatic vs Cenozoic
  • Creature Nicknames
  • Friends List
  • Creature Feed and Play
  • Level Cap Increased to 150
  • Sorna Expansion
  • Yudon Unnerf
    11,563 Health and 3,613 Attack to 14,077 Health and 4,399 Attack
  • Bagehesaurus Health Buff
    6,699 Health to 11,338 Health
  • Glythronax, Parasaura and Edmontosaurus DNA Cost Reduced
    60,400 DNA to 40,000 DNA
    7,550 DNA to 6,887 DNA
    11,280 DNA to 9,024 DNA
  • Aerotitan now in Amber Market
  • Playable Bosses now usable in Normal PvE’s
  • Skins for Creatures
  • Alliances
  • Actual PvP
  • Global Trade Market
  • PvP Seasons
  • Modded World Boss Event
  • Custom Battles
  • Cloud Save
  • Unhatched Creatures can now be sold
  • Cenozoic and Aquatic Map
  • Camp Creataceous Characters now in story missions
  • Brachiosaurus Buff
    2,959 Health and 925 Attack to 4,483 Health and 1,383 Attack
  • Season Pass Changes
    7,250 Points to 15,000 Points
  • Giveaways
  • Squad Goals
  • Rotation of Buildings
  • New Gyrosphere Paths
  • Club Exchanges
  • Daily Login Bonus
  • V.I.P Subscription Price Tag Reduced
  • Enclosure Sizes Modified
  • Flock Dinosaurs
  • Disable Feeding Option For Selected Creatures
  • Block Sound now added back
  • Goat Boss
  • Use Same Dino’s Button
  • Tournament Superhybrids and V.I.P Hybrids
  • New Creatures and Events coming soon

Offline Mode

We finally added a offline mode for Jurassic World: The Game so you can all play offline when you have no internet.

Boss missions

Boss missions for all Boss dinosaurs have been simplified or changed to allow more players to unlock them.

Boss Event Rewards

Given the success of the VIP Boss event rewards, we have decided to use the “Rarity rumble” packs as a reward!

Boss DNA

We now added more ways to get Boss DNA in case you are having a hard time obtaining them through missions.

Change to the Gyrosphere Draft Rewards

We have simplified the Gyrosphere so that it is easier to win.
We’ve also increased the rewards by merging rare, super rare and legendary hybrids across all gyrospheres. We have also eliminated common hybrids from the VIP gyrosphere.

Rebalancing of events

PvE has been balanced and now all depend on the ferocity of your lineup.
Will you be able to win?

Prize Wheel: Tournament and PvP

The resources in the PvP and tournament prize wheel have been duplicate.

Dino Bucks Are Now Back

We finally re-added Dino Bucks to all the event packs so hope you all like your Bucks.

More Playable Bosses

More Playable Bosses are now added so get them now for their events.

Jurassic Park: Builder Creatures

We are finally adding every creature from Jurassic Park: Builder so stay tuned for their unlock events.

Ostaposaurus, Alangasaurus and Labyrinthosaurus Superhybrid

The Ostaposaurus, Alangasaurus and Labyrinthosaurus Superhybrid is finally here, vote now in the poll so we can decide the DNA to use for the Ostaposaurus, Alangasaurus and Labyrinthosaurus Superhybrid

More Super Rare Superhybrids

Parasaura and Metrialong will be getting Superhyrbids so vote now in the poll to help us decide the Super DNA to use.

The First 4 Limited Edition Superhybrids

The Pteramimus, Erliphosaurus Rex, Pachygaloceratops and Dracocerarex have finally arrived, log in daily for their Super DNA offers

More Celebrity Dinosaurs

Rexy and Toro will be entering the park soon, stay tuned for their tournament

More Commons and Rares

We are finally adding more Non-Hybrid Commons and Rares so stay tuned for their unlock events.

Giganotosaurus Gen 2 and Therizinosaurus Gen 2

We are adding the Giga Gen 2 and Therizinosaurus Gen 2 to the game so stay tuned for their Season Pass

Japaneese Dinosaurs

Japaneese Dinosaurs mainly Fukuiraptor and Fukuisaurus are finally arriving into the park so stay tuned for their unlock events.


The Godzilla Lizard has now arrived so stay tuned for it’s Dino Fury Event


We all heard that you all wanted us to release Compsognathus so we will do that, stay tuned for it’s unlock event.

More Pterosaurs, Amphibians, Savannahs and Reefs

We heard that you all wanted more Pterosaurs, Amphibians, Savannahs and Reefs don’t worry, new Limited Edition Pterosaur, Amphibian, Savannah and Reef Hybrids will be released soon.

Cooldown Times Changed

Starting from this update, the amount of time it will take for your creature to recover will depend on how much damage it took.

Toast Statue

Since Beaver is our Game Promoter we will add a Toast Statue and send it to every player in their inbox.

Hackers finally banned

We are now banning all hackers in our game for a much more fair game for others.

Improved Staff

Got any bugs? We will try respond to you as fast as possible.

All bugs finally fixed

We finally fixed all the bugs so that you can all have fun in the game without any issues.

Credit to @Tommy_Paoli’s thread for giving me some of the ideas: [Concept art] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 54: Perfect Update also why has @Tommy_Paoli not been active lately?


Dream on.
10 Wishful thinkings.


Baghe deserves a HP buff


We still need Edmotosaurus cost reduction as it’s more expensive than ankylodocus


I think all of this is possible besides the land, vs aqua vs ceno. I also don’t think the yudon unnerf is necessary sincw yudon is good as he is


But look at how expensive it is compared to Cerazino and it’s only slightly better.

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Well it might should get more attack so that he is at least stronger than cerazino. However agree on anything else. Especially with the new commons and rares since many creature families don’t have one


A friends list would be so cool… if I had friends


Instead of bringing new things in the game, it would be better to fix the numerous crashes that occurs. There are crashes on log in, crash on trade, crash randomly on battles, freeze after a battle.
These things bothers so much, that a player would rather choose to give up on playing, than trying again, for the sake of the new creatures or stuff.


This is also one of the ideas for the biggest update.

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I hope for alliances some time in the future

That’s going to be added to my post now.

I want a Alanga and Labyrintho superhybrid


yudon is good and bagehesaur is glass, both are right with stats


I wonder how @Jurassic_Fury @SmilodonTroodon @OstaposaurusBae and @Jahq will react.

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Yeah, Baghe is stronger than aromomata, scorpious rex, yudon, cerezinosaurus, dracoceratops, pachygalosaurus, all in terms of damage, which makes it one of the hybrids with the most damage. As for health, it’s supposed to be a glass cannon, so his health is fine the way it is, stronger than metriphodon, segnosuchus, and they are both glass cannons as well, but they have more attack. It also has more health than allonomious, but is weaker than gorgosuchus.

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Impossible to implement, thus Aquatic can only fight Aquatic.

How would evolving work then? Is it 1 name per paddock? Per dino copy? This would be a neat feature if added correctly (aka no bugs), but I don’t see it happening unfortuneately.

This game’s netcode does not support peer-to-peer networking, thus PvP is just bots. I don’t see any way they can add this outside of heavy facebook integration (which I dont want because it could bog the game down even more).

Wdym by play? As for feeding, it’s meh. Not really on the radar of importance.

These two are tied together, along with the story missions. IIRC there are only 17 more expansions left on Sorna, so the theoretical park level cap is 116,

This seems to be extremely low on Ludia’s priorities, so I’ve lost out on all hope.

No. Pre-nerf Yudon was as powerful as both Indos, we don’t need a 3rd Indo…

Also no, this would make it more powerful than both Indos, we dont need to replace one power creep with another.

I don’t think this is necessary. It’s okay for this game to have overpriced dinos. If not them then some other dinos (like Dilophoboa).

Indifferent, I don’t use the amber market.

Not without a major rebalance to their stats and add CDs, as well as de-evolving them as to not ruin people’s lineups.

With as resource intensive as this game is, we don’t need skins. Gen 2s are there to fill that void, and it’s the same reason why the sounds of dinos are the same across the different fino class sub-types.

No for the same reasons as the Friends list.

No, because hacking would run rampant and Player’s accts would get hacked, and all their stuff was sold. I’ve seen other games with this market feature, including ones where MY acct got hacked and I lost about $300 worth of purchased items. I got the stuff back, but the devs locked it all away and so I cant trade anything.

Would want them to fix BvB in the world events first.

Wdym by this?

Already exists, it’s the point of support keys.

I don’t think Ludia would be so kind as to add this feature, since it would negate the hatching pods, which are a good sink for DB for players who wanna burn thru their extra cards.

I mean, as long as this game is getting updated I’d assume that new creatures are a given. The new events I would actually like to see, where we get an overhaul of the events, since the current system is old and stale.

Wouldn’t work with cloud saves, because Ludia has authentication servers.


This was always suppose to be a hassle to grind, that’s why it has AWFUL buy value when bought with real world money. Ludia wouldn’t change this.

Doesnt fix the issues with Gyros.

The draft system needs an overhaul so you don’t get awful draft choices and subsequently lose before you even start.

The rewards can be meh, just make it a fair fight and worth the entry cost.

I feel like PvE is already balanced. All comes down to how balanced your lineup is.

Strongly against. I’d say these prize wheels are fine, just remove all other prize wheels in the game.

Also strongly against. I feel the earned rate of DB is very good now that Ludia tweaked it after removing it from Golden Rewards packs.

After the backlash, I think playable bosses are no longer a main focus for Ludia.

Indifferent. I feel like the selection we have is good, and still growing.

Yes to Ostapo S-Hybrid, but for the other 2 I’d rather have Parasaura or Metrialong turned into a Super Rare Amphibian Super Hybrid,

Wdym by this?


Yes, but highly unlikely.

I’d assume it’s coming in the distant future.


Agreed, especially the higher end late game dinos and hybrids.

Agreed, but Ludia wouldn’t impliment this due to CDs being a source of DB sinks, and would hurt the ways Ludia makes money.

Don’t really care.

They already are, the issue is finding accurate ways a hacker hacks, and finding their support key to ban them.

Im giving them the benefit of the doubt, with how big Ludia is, that’s a lot of players to help. Sometimes throwing more people at a problem doesn’t mean it’ll get fixed faster.

Wishful thinking.

Also to set the record straight, I am not intolerant of bugs. Life happens, and things break. However, my issue is the speed at which things get fixes and the level of compensation that goes out. The 10k LP for the post-battle screen crash was much appreciated, but update 53 basically made the game unplayable and we got little compensation.

Sometimes it feels like we are Ludia’s QA test team, and it geta frustrating at moments.


I think this is a very accurate response by many users of this forum, just no one would want to give feedback to all the suggestions. Very precise on how most of the ideas aren’t possible to be implemented.


Gojirasaurus is actually a north American dinosaur

Yep. They should make another creature poll like they did for the aquatic and cenozoic hybrids poll

I don’t mind limited s hybrids but they would be kinda expensive to get

I don’t think we really need more playable bosses

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I like everything except the actual pvp and aquatic vs ceno and the bagehesaurus buff.

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