Update information


Is there anywhere that says what these random updates are about? I’d just like to see some sort of patch notes to at least have an idea of what’s going on when the game says it updated. Even if it is just bug fixes. I’d rather know it’s bug fixes than worry if there were any random changes to dinosaurs or spawning or anything related to the gameplay


Probably because they did something to encourage spending.


Agreed, we need more information!


There’s nothing on its Google Play page (or whatever game app you have)?


It will just be bug fixes/patches rather than a change to gameplay.

Example: fixing an incubator that’s not rewarding DNA correctly etc.


Agreed, I wish companies wouldn’t just start changing game mechanics and expect us not to notice. I see a lot of changes go on day by day but not a word about it. It disrespectful to the people who really live an enjoy the game regardless of how money hungry they are, we still play, and they still take away


That’s my point though. I want to KNOW what they’re doing. I don’t care if it’s just random bug fixes. I want to know that rather than go in blind and find out they changed some game mechanics.