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Update is live on Android

Here is what the Fidelity Cash Offer looks like.

I did the one month to see if it’s worth doing the three month later it is also available for iOS

I’ll be curious what the “special offers” would be… the DBs alone, personally I would not pay for. Mainly because I have no wish to reward Ludia for the ways they keep making the game require me to SPEND more DBs. As I mentioned in the Ceno topic… no other reason to take dinos that are rare and make them SR or legendary but with essentially the same stats, than slowing the game progression down even more. And their taking away the previous speedup times. And so on…

And seems that players not playing along enough… no other reason they have lowered the cost for mods than that so few players must be paying for them. This new attempt to get us to pay up, seems they are really digging.

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Since the update I got a permanent background noise in the game. It sounds like some kind of Christmas ringing.
This is very annoying and I hope they are going to remove this very soon.
@Ned, please!
Update: Forget it, after a restart of the game it was gone.

But raity changes?