Update issues

My account level is 13 so all my heroes are automatically placed in roster tab. But there is no option to remove heroes from the roster so more or less the new option is no use for me…

Moreover i have finished explore mode like a week ago or more and since then i just log in for arena chests and free chests. There is no real motivation for me to spend respectful amount of time on challenges and grinding since there is no decent “goal”.

I ve spent half an iphone in value for fast progress but seeing how the game looks like at the end (of current content), i can only say its very DISSAPOINTING!

Hey @Kaynaer, we’re always grateful for our players’ feedback here. We can confirm that the game’s features are working as designed, but please stay tuned for more content coming up soon on our Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/WarriorsOfWaterdeep/

All my heroes are placed in roster are unable to be manually altered, I would like to change my battle line up to suit me.
The changes are no better than what was already structured when entering arena, the line up in roster is automatically arranged.
Developer’s let me know what is the difference between random selected heroes in arena and rostered random selected heroes I cannot not tell the difference.
The update has not improved game play at all, my heroes have at least 2 legendary gear and level 10 however entering with level 10 heroes and my opponent’s level is 8 I still manage to lose the battle from the level 8 doing one hit kill and my heroes not doing any damage to the level 8 HP.
Did the developer’s update what was needing fixing or something sinicule happening in the back ground not that you would inform us about anyways.
Devs claim to have fix the issues what issues from my end there isn’t any change at all just the same all nonsense getting beat by level 8 one hit killers also my troops spend a lot of battle time immobilised what is with that so Devs what has changed?

The kicker is, if you’re starting from scratch I think you don’t have to fill all the slots so you can keep the same 4. If you already unlocked them all then it’s forced on you.

This update is a complete waste of dev efforts feel for them; battle roster that is exactly the same as before, and emotes to talk to battle bots.

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I have heroes unlocked and I haven’t used the emo’s no need to.

I understood from the release notes that I was going to be able to set a Battle roster and therefore not have my one unbalanced late-addition character shuffled into my lineup by the random number generator. The new tabs work on the character page, but I’m not permitted to make any changes to the roster of heroes available for Battle. Is this intentional? Did I read the release notes incorrectly? Also am I truly this unlucky or does the RNG lean more towards underdeveloped characters now for Battle selection? At least my last ten matchups have had my one lower level character included each time.

It’s not supposed to stop the randomness. It’s there to give you 2 status levels before you have to include a new ungeared character on your roster. You can drag a character onto your roster to avoid your worst one, but in practice it looks like you can only leave one off the roster - you’re stuck with the rest.

Staging heroes not possible as the game not permitting, my heroes had already been placed for me, roster has put both healers together while my lower tier heroes are vulnerable without support.