Update Killed the Game - Special Event Boxes, Skoona, Raid Reqs, Morty

Level 20 here with almost every Apex dino.

I’ve been playing for well over a year and despite some great dinos being nerfed, I continued playing. After the last update I noticed that Special Event boxes are far and few between. In my area for the last two days I have had 0. Speaking with my alliance, they have also noticed the same. So its now harder to get more coins, boosts, and cash.

Skoona has become almost unusable, Morty has definitely improved the RAID battles but in PVP it has been essentially nerfed.

RAID requirements should be killed. This gave lower level players a chance to rank up but it also provided some well needed balance to the game. Long time players or those that have invested significant money into the game, the only balance to the game is when good dinos are nerfed and no boost resets are provided.

Just my two cents.


Skoona actually kinda got better


Raid requirements are among the best things they added because low level players were using carry strats on different raids and were sometimes unlocking apexes before having the potential to make uniques. So I don’t know what kind of balance has a team of level 20 with a level 26 apex.


Yeha, I know, impossible to find green cube, I hope it gets fixed before the legendary, I want my dodocevia

Agree to disagree.

Its the only way lower level players have a chance to stay relevant. Its like getting into tourny battles when everyone is level 30 and the highest dino level you have is 24.

So I don’t know what kind of balance has a team of level 20 with a level 26 apex.

You can get a level higher than 20?

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Or even lower than a team of level 20’s

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depends on the dino u are up against.

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Skoona is far from unusable. I’m not sure where you got that idea from. It was reverted back to the way is way prior to the last update, when it was still Tyrant tier…


As for the new creatures there has not been a single one of them ( Sinosauropteryx ) spotted here at all and the upgrade to V2.11 was days ago now but still no sign of it anywhere within 100 miles of where i live … and yes i did drive that much trying to find one but no luck at all in finding it …>>>> Sinosauropteryx !

so getting new creatures appears to be a complete waste of time and effort looking for them because they are simply just not there to begin with !

Sinosauropteryx - Common

The ring-tailed Sinosauropteryx may seem furred, but its skin is actually covered in downy, filament-like feathers. In fact, Sinosauropteryx was the first dinosaur to be discovered sporting feather-like structures all over its body, helping to prove dinosaurs evolved into modern birds!


It spawns in zone 3, so find where that is in your area. Zone 3 has lythronax, easy to spot. I was in zone 3 looking for them the day 2.11 came, and they were on the map and spawning from giga-scent just fine.

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You stay relevant by working your way up, like everyone else used to.

I do think that this should have been implemented in the beginning, as now a lot of lower level players already have Apex animals - can you really even call them dinosaurs anymore? Ludia kind of pulled the rug out from under those folks. Still, this change was long overdue.

He had said a TEAM level of 20, not player level.

But yeah, I will agree 100% that this update is about the worst thing Ludia has dropped in a long time. Absolutely no Quality Control. If they are trying to drive players away they are doing a wonderful job of it.


I don’t understand the complaints about lower levels with apex. You can make it to aviary with an unboosted team with no uniques. In the same arena, there are many teams of all level 30, max boosted. The matchups there will still be 90%+ unbalanced as large percentage of teams even from non-raiders feature many level 21s from alliance championships and then level 30 thor and indo or whatever.

As for even lower arenas, if you don’t make it to aviary in the 5+ months needed to unlock an apex (remember the lower levels already got far less than the normal 15/20/25/30 for level 20s), you probably play PVP so sparingly that the “problem” if there is one is exceedingly small. Most accounts with apex down there are surely droppers and this “solution” does not address that at all.

I will agree that there are a LOT of problems with the game - especially now. Level 13 players unlocking Apexes and Uniques was one that should have been corrected long ago. Having them get Apexes and Uniques does nothing to solve the dropper problem.


By level 20 I meant the creatures not the player

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