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Update may have brought back old bug

So, sense some of you guys have already pointed out with the nerfed rewards. I think the Isla Sorna update may have brought with it an old bug from the previous update before it. My main reason for assuming is is because;

  • PVP rewards for Jurassic vs Cenozoic have changed to only giving common packs or common dinosaurs
  • The spinotasuchus has had it’s health and attack doubled to what it was when it first came out (which has made battles for me much more harder)

Both of those changes are identical to when the spinotasuchus was added. I know some including myself have also pointed out no dino buck options for custom trades and aquatic MOD PVP giving same rewards as land MOD PVP, but when I messaged support about the custom trade change, they told me the developers have changed it. (Smart move… idiot!)

Either this, or Ludia are trying to force this change on us. Though time will tell they do change both MOD rewards and nerf spinotasuchus.

I might have to hold my plans for Spinotasuchus for now. I want doable PvE. Sad, as i was really excited about him

Oh that’s AWESOME news. The Spinotasuchus now beefs up my line up a lot, I hope they keep it like this!

Can anyone tell me the new level 1 stats for the Spino?

I think it is a bug they are going to correct. Lvl 20 has now stats of 3256/2383. At lvl 40 it has according to its trading card only a slight increase to 2966/2781. His health is even dropping, that can’t be right.

Thanks for reporting this to us, everyone. Our team is currently looking into some of these issues.

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That’s assuring, though my guess it’ll be at least a week until this has been sorted.

Ah darn it, they really released a hot fix to roll back the Spinotasuchus’ stats???

Ugh, that would have been awesome if it could have stuck.